I Can See Clearly Now!

Not the song. No, that’s what Jan said as she was looking out her new windshield with no cracks, no Gorilla Tape holding things together, and no wind whistling around the edges. Just clean, clear glass.

On yesterday’s blog I mentioned getting some Diesel Kleen to use with our diesel fill-up today on our way to the Indian Lakes Thousand Trails down in Batesville, IN.

Here’s what I had to say about it when we were gate guarding in July, 2012.

A few days ago I was talking with one of the drivers for Macro Trucking, one of the big haulers in this area for the rigs. They have over 600 semi’s, and we get 3 or 4 a day in here.

The driver told me about Power Service Diesel Kleen with Cetane Boost.

Diesel Kleen

He said the company had started using it in all their trucks about 9 months ago, after doing a six month trial run on about 50 of them. He said they were getting a solid 5-6% increase in mileage, along with cleaner injectors.

So I’ve used it every 3rd fill-up or so ever since. Can I tell you that my mileage has increased, or my injectors are cleaner?

No, it’s pretty much impossible to really see an MPG change with the varied routes and conditions we drive under. And I haven’t had my injectors looked at since I started using Diesel Kleen, or before, for that matter.

But we just hit 127,000 miles on our coach today, about 65,000 miles of it from our travels, and except for a bad fuel line sensor a couple of years ago, we’ve had no engine problems in our 7 years of travels.

One reader asked if Diesel Kleen was approved by Cummins Diesel. I don’t know, but I kind of doubt it. The manufacturers can’t test every additive, and every combination of additives that you might use. But I’m pretty sure all these trucking companies wouldn’t be using Diesel Kleen if they didn’t think it worked, or that it would harm their engines.


Along with Nick and Terry Russell, we pulled out of the Elkhart Campground about 10am this morning heading for Indian Lakes about 245 miles away.  But our first stop was the Pilot in Plymouth, IN about 50 miles away.

When I went to use my Pilot RV Plus card at the pump, it wouldn’t take it and said to ‘See Cashier Inside’. When I went inside and the cashier ran my card, it said it was ‘Inactive’.

It’s been a couple of months since I used it, but I’ve gone longer than two months before, with no problems, so I called the number on the card, and the guy said the computer does that sometimes. He reset it and I was good to go in just a couple of minutes.

After a little rain, and a bunch of construction, (but no real slowdowns) we got into the Indian Lakes Thousand Trails about 3pm, and then got signed in, got parked, and got set up.

Then after everyone goofed off for a while, we headed out a little before 5 to have dinner at The Toros Mexican Restaurant (shouldn’t it be Los Toros? Or how about Los Bulls?)

Their salsa was really good, fresh made and chunky, and Jan and I both enjoyed our meals, but unfortunately,Terry wasn’t real happy with hers. Nick had Fried Shrimp, and he cleaned his plate so I guess he was happy too.

Sorry, Terry.

Tomorrow is a goof-off day. Yah!


Thought for the Day:

It’s discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit. – Noel Coward


4 Responses

  1. I’ve used power service products for years and years.. I had a 1986 diesel audi car and used it to keep from gelling in the winter time…. I have used diesel kleen in the 2008 motorhome since it was new…. The increase in Ctane rating alone makes the engine spin so smoothly and increases power and pulling…. This is especially noticeable in the mountains… I used it every fill up while in the mountains out west… Good stuff!

  2. Glad to have the heads up on the booster. Enjoy your new landing spot!

  3. Thats “Da Bulls” in Chicago.

  4. ^Tom Westerfield beat me to it.

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