Counting Down . . .

First off, Jan insists on a correction to yesterday’s blog about how we met. She wants to be sure that everyone understands that the ‘saloon’ where she was working as a dance hall girl, was a ‘soft drink’ saloon. No liquor involved.


We again sat outside this morning with our coffee, muffins, Mister, and Nick and Terry for an hour or so. Really, really nice.

While we were outside, Dick Schell came by with his dog Murphy and invited us over to look at the remodeling he and Phyllis are doing on their rig.

So, leaving for our drive over to Shipshewana about 2pm we stopped off at Dick and Phyllis Schell’s beautiful Super C.

Dick and Phyllis Schell's Rig

It’s a Haulmark, built on a Freightliner chassis, and is really nice.

Getting into Shipshewana, our first stop was E & S Sales, an Amish bulk food market, that we like to visit every time we’re here in Shipshewana.

Mister's Dog Bait

I thought about  buying Mister one of these big bags of rawhide dog bones. Figured he could use them as bait to attract dogs. Kind of like hunters set out out feeders to attract deer.

After a stop at the Red Barn Shops, a collection of small individual shops, selling arts and crafts, we headed over to Goshen to have dinner at South Side Soda Shop. But they were closed. I had called Thursday to check, and was told that they would be closed on Friday, but open on Saturday and Sunday.

They lied.

So we stopped and had dinner at the Chili’s between Goshen and Elkhart, and everyone really liked their meal. Applebee’s needs to take a lesson from them.


Brandi, Lowell, and Landon are visiting Lowell’s parents up in Paul’s Valley, OK this week and it looks Landon’s having a ball. Between sparklers and the waterpark, they’re keeping him busy.

Landon on the 4th of July

Landon on the 4th of July 2

Landon at Water Park 1a

Tomorrow, Sunday, is our last full day in Elkhart for this year. We leave here Monday morning for the Indian Lakes Thousand Trails near Batesville IN for a couple of weeks, then moving on to the Wilmington OH TT for a couple of more weeks before started our trip back to Houston for Landon’s birthday on the 23rd of August, and then Gate Guarding after that.


Thought for the Day:

Women always worry about the things that men forget; men always worry about the things women remember. – Author Unknown