Missed It By That Much!

We got a call this afternoon from Diane with Gate Guard Services. She wanted to know where we were because she has our home address in Friendswood, TX. Before I told her we were in Indiana, she said she had a gate for us. It’s a 12 hour gate over in Sugarland, only about 30 miles from Chris, Linda, and Piper, and about 15 miles from Brandi, Lowell, and Landon.

And did I mention it’s a 12 hour gate!

Really hated to tell her we were up in Indiana, but I did tell her we expected to be ready for a gate the end of August, if she wanted to hold this one for us.

But no luck.

Hopefully there’ll still be a gate like this when we’re ready.

For lunch Jan fixed pimento cheese sandwiches using some of the beautiful tomatoes we got last week at E & S Sales, the Amish bulk food place, over in Shipshewana.

E & S Tomatoes

Not only are they beautiful, but biting into one the flavor just explodes in your mouth. Much better than store-bought. Just wish we’d bought more.

I spent most of the afternoon playing around with my Samsung Galaxy S5. One problem I found was that some programs that I liked and a few that I liked AND had paid for, on my old phone, were no  longer available, I guess because the companies were no longer in business.

This meant that I couldn’t download them to my new S5, but a little Googling led me to an app called ‘apk extractor’, ‘apk’ being the Android program format. This program would bundle up the selected app and save it to the old phone’s SD card. It could then be transferred to the new phone and installed.

So I needed to first install the ‘apk extractor’ on my old Samsung Droid Charge.  Of course my old phone was no longer able to download apps over the 4G phone system. But as I had hoped, I could still download apps through the Wi-Fi on the phone.

After downloading and running the ‘apk extractor’, I selected a number of programs to extract and transfer. Getting the programs to my S5, I installed them one by one. The only problem I found was that a couple of the apps would not run under the new version of Android software that the S5 runs, but all in all, it was a good solution to the problem.

For dinner, Jan heated up the leftover King Wha from the other night. Still very good, especially when spiced up with Sriracha and then sprinkled with Chow Mein noodles.

Then a little later, Nick came over with a plate of Miss Terri’s delicious Meat Pasties. Sounds like lunch tomorrow.

Thought for the Day:

People who do not study history are destined to believe really ignorant statements.