RV Sweet RV . . .

After the continental breakfast at the motel, I was at the windshield repair place at 8am to hand over the gasket that Jan and I picked up from American Coach yesterday afternoon. Then I headed back to the motel for a few hours, since it was more comfortable there. About 11 we checked out from the motel, and Jan and I loaded up the truck with all our motel stuff and headed over to the repair shop to wait for our rig.

When we got there they had the the driver’s side glass installed and were working on the new glass on the passenger side.

Windshield InBetween

While we were waiting, we read our Kindles in the nice air-conditioned truck, rather than stay inside the hot rig.

Mister, of course, had his own way of dealing with the wait.

Mister on Truck Dashboard

Josh said that, unlike the generic gasket that was too loose, this one was very tight, and they had to really struggle to get the glass in, especially the second one. He said a couple of times they were afraid they were going to break it trying to get the gasket over the edge.

After that, we just had to wait a while for the urethane sealant to set up for a while before we finally headed back to our spot at the Elkhart Campground about 3:30.

So we went from this,

Windshield Before


to this.

Windshield After

And in only FIVE Days.

After we got mostly set up, we headed out to Mancino’s Pizza with Nick and Terry, for what is probably our last visit this year.

Tomorrow will definitely be a sleep-in morning after all these days of getting up at 7am.


Thought for the Day:

The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself.