Monday August 31

Will get the pictures and stuff on our trip to Prince Edward Island posted soon.


Lighthouses and Wind Farms…

Today was the start of our 2 day Prince Edward Island road trip.   We decided it would be easier to just leave our rig in Moncton and drive the truck over.

We left Moncton about 10 am for the 75 mile drive to Canada’s smallest province.  Lengthwise, it’s about 160 miles from one end to the other.

But first we had to cross Confederation Bridge to get to the Island.  The curved, 8 mile long bridge is the longest in the world crossing ice-covered water and is considered one of Canada’s top engineering achievements of the 20th century.

And it’s a very beautiful bridge, too.

Confederation Bridge

Confederation Bridge

And they’re really proud of it, too!   It’s a toll bridge, but they don’t charge you to enter the island, they charge when you leave.

And it costs $42.50 to get off the island!

Once we were over that shock, we decide to head toward the west and north ends of the island.

The first town of any size we cam to was Summerside.  Passing a nice looking Chinese buffet restaurant, we decided to have lunch at the Jade Garden.

This is the 2nd Canadian Chinese restaurant we eaten at, and it’s apparent that Canadian Chinese food is a little different from American Chinese. 

They only seem to have Won Ton soup, no Hot and Sour, which is our favorite. And they have egg rolls, but they also have something like a small fried burrito that has egg roll ‘stuff’ in it.  What the real difference is, I don’t know.

I mean, you’d think we were in a foreign country, or something.

After lunch, we continued on what was called the North Cape Coastal Drive, which winds around the coast and up to the northern tip of the island.

The first place we came to was the West Cape Wind Farm, one of several wind farms scattered around the island.

West Cape Wind Farm

West Cape Wind Farm

We were starting to get a little low on gas, and finding no gas stations along our route, we headed about 10 miles back toward the center of the island to fill up.

Rounding the West Cape area and now heading north, we traveled along the coast to more great scenery.

West Cape Cliffs

West Cape Cliffs

West Cape Cliffs1

West Cape Cliffs1

Now working our way north, we finally reached the North Cape at the tip of the island. 

This lighthouse and wind farm look out over the Atlantic ocean and the red cliffs show the effects of the ocean waves.

North Cape Lighthouse

North Cape Lighthouse

North Cape Cliffs

North Cape Cliffs

North Cape Cliffs 2

North Cape Cliffs 2

North Cape Cliffs 3

North Cape Cliffs 3

By this time it was getting late so we headed back down the main road down the center of the island to the capitol of Charlottetown where we where going to spend the night.

We got a room at a Holiday Inn and then went out for supper to a place downtown called Sim’s Steakhouse & Oyster Bar.

We had a dozen raw oysters (Up here they called them ‘Fresh’,  not raw), and a couple of appetizers. The food was really good.  But the service was abysmal.  We were there almost an hour and a half,  just for appetizers.

 Tomorrow, we’ll do some of the Anne of Green Gables area,  and then the otherside of the island.

Cajun Country…

Today Jan and I took a drive along the Acadian Coastal Highway.

I had not realized that this is the area that the French were driven out of in the late 1700’s after the British took over the area after the Treaty of  Utrecht.   This is where the Cajuns (Acadians) now in Louisiana came from.

It was really strange to see  an auto repair shop called Thibodeaux’s, and a restaurant called Boudraux’s. 

Almost like home.

Anyway, the drive took us along the Atlantic Coast. For the last park of the drive we could see Prince Edward Island out to sea.  We saw a lot of quaint buildings and villages.

The weather was pretty overcast, and then later it started raining, so I didn’t fool with getting any pictures.

As we were heading home, we stopped by a place we had been told about called Hudson Oddities.  As a child, the owner, Audrey Hudson, was always bringing home stuff she had found on the beach.

So much so, that her mother once told her, “For the love of god, child, could you please stop bringing garbage home from the beach”.  Not really taking this to heart, she decide to make a business out of junk from the beach.

One of the beach things she collected was bits of broken glass, that over the years had been smoothed and polished by the wind, waves, and sand,  rounding off the sharp edges until they looked like this.







and turns them into jewelry that looks like this.



Just beautiful.

After this stop, we headed home, arriving just as the rain started coming down harder.

Tomorrow we plan to make a 2 day trip over to Prince Edward Island, driving the truck over, and staying one night in a bed and breakfast.

Hopefully the rain will let up.  We’ll see.

More tomorrow…

Canada, Oh, Canada!

Well, we had an uneventful trip from Houlton, ME 185 miles away to Moncton, NB (New Brunswick), Canada.

But first we had to have breakfast one last time at the Big Stop Diner.  Jan’s hooked on their blueberry pancakes and I think they make a mean omelet.

After breakfast I gassed up the truck and we headed back to the rig to get ready to roll.

We headed out about 10:45 am, but first stopped back at the truck stop to top off the coach with diesel.  And I’m glad we did.

Gas and Diesel are about $1.00 a gallon more here in Canada than in the US.

Hopefully we can get back to the US before we have to fill up with diesel again.

About 3 miles after we left the truck stop we pulled up to Canadian Customs.  This is the fifth time we’ve gone thru Canadian Customs with no problems. 

But I’m always worry because of the stories we’ve read about RV’ers going thru Customs and being selected for one of their random searches where you have to completely unload your coach so they can look at EVERYTHING!

But we were in and out in about 5 minutes.   WHEW!!!

About 4 hours later we pulled into Camper’s City RV Park in Moncton and got set up.  Actually it was 5 hours later, since when we entered Canada,  we switched to Atlantic Standard Time, so we are now 2 hours ahead of Houston

Which means Prime Time TV runs from 9 pm to 12 Midnite.  And even worse, when we travel to Newfoundland, they’re on Newfoundland Standard Time which is a HALF HOUR ahead of Atlantic Standard Time.

Go figure!

About 5 pm we headed out to one our favorite places to eat – Boston’s Pizza.

And strangely enough, there are no Boston’s Pizza in Boston, MA.  We know, we checked.

So you would think, maybe it was started in Boston, Canada.  But you would be wrong.  There is no city named Boston in Canada.

Boston’s Pizza was started in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1964.  Who knew?

Anyway, we always get a large pizza so we have plenty of leftovers to bring home.

Tomorrow we’re going to take a drive along the coast and see the sights.

Then Sunday we’re going to drive over to Prince Edward Island for a couple of days.

More tomorrow…


Today is our last full day in Maine and the US for a while.

Tomorrow we drive about 2 miles east and we’ll be in Canada.  Then we have about a 185 mile trip to Moncton, NB.  We’ll stay there for 3-4 days while we explore the area around there, including probably an overnight trip to Prince Edward Island, while leaving the rig parked in Moncton.

After that we’ll see if we need to do anything about dodging Hurricane Danny.

Today was a ‘get the rig ready to roll’ day.  I added a charge wire to from the rig to the toad.  This will keep the battery in the truck from running low while we’re traveling.  Apparently in real hilly country, the auxillary braking system in the toad operates so much that on long travel days it runs the battery down.  The charge wire supplies power from the rig to the toad to keep its battery charged.

When we enter Canada tomorrow we’ll lose an hour since we’ll be now be in Atlantic Time.

 More tomorrow from Canada…

All in all, A very nice day!

I spent this morning going thru the plastic bins in the basement compartments looking for some missing stuff and doing a little organizing.

Didn’t find everything I was missing, but I did find some stuff that I didn’t realize was missing.

About 2pm Jan and I headed out to lunch and shopping.

Once again we ended at the truck stop restaurant. 

This is a really good place to eat and their desserts are fabulous.   We were told they have their own baker who does nothing but make their desserts.  We noticed several diners taking home whole pies.

After our meal we went by the Verizon store so I could get another stylus for my phone, but they were temporarily closed due to a ‘building problem’,  whatever that was.  We’ll try again tomorrow.

Next we headed downtown to the CarQuest store to pick up a serpentine belt for our coach engine and then to the local Visitor’s Information Center to see if they had anything on Nova Scotia/Newfoundland.

They didn’t,  but we bumped into a guy from Canada who gave us a lot of tips and places to see, so it all worked out.

Then it was on to Walmart and then home about 4 pm.  We then set outside for while, enjoying the beautiful weather, and letting Mister roam around for a while.

All in all, a very nice day.

My Brother’s Place…

Today was another travel day.

We left Pumpkin Patch RV Park a little before 11 am and headed northeast on I-95 to Houlton, ME,  located right on the Canadian border.

But before we got on the Interstate, we stopped off at a truck stop to top off our propane tank.

The last time we filled up with propane was in Whitehorse, BC,  last October on our way back from Alaska.  In warm weather the only thing we normally use propane for is to power the frig while we’re on the road, and for hot water when we boondock. 

But since we just dropped below 1/2 tank last week,  I wanted to be sure we had plenty of propane before heading into Canada and colder weather, since we do use it for the two gas heaters in our coach.  And it’s supposed to get colder very soon.

Tomorrow night it’s supposed to 46, and the night after, 40 degrees.  We have two electric floor heaters, but sometimes we still need the coach heaters.

We pulled into My Brother’s Place RV Park about 1:45 pm, and got set up.  An hour or so later we headed out to drive around the area and grab a late lunch.

After dropping off some mail at the Post Office,  we stopped off at a couple of parts places to pick up a spare fuel filter and engine belt before we cross the border.  It can sometimes be hard to get parts over there.

Before heading back to the coach we stopped for dinner at the local truck stop, since we were looking for a place that served breakfast all day.  Jan had some great blueberry pancakes, and I had a meatlover’s omlet.  All really good.

The park here is pretty nice, with big pull-thru sites and plenty of space between each coach.

My Bother's Place

My Brother's Place

Tomorrow I’m going to fix some stuff around the coach and kind of take it easy.  Jan’s just gonna take it easy.

More tomorrow…