My Brother’s Place…

Today was another travel day.

We left Pumpkin Patch RV Park a little before 11 am and headed northeast on I-95 to Houlton, ME,  located right on the Canadian border.

But before we got on the Interstate, we stopped off at a truck stop to top off our propane tank.

The last time we filled up with propane was in Whitehorse, BC,  last October on our way back from Alaska.  In warm weather the only thing we normally use propane for is to power the frig while we’re on the road, and for hot water when we boondock. 

But since we just dropped below 1/2 tank last week,  I wanted to be sure we had plenty of propane before heading into Canada and colder weather, since we do use it for the two gas heaters in our coach.  And it’s supposed to get colder very soon.

Tomorrow night it’s supposed to 46, and the night after, 40 degrees.  We have two electric floor heaters, but sometimes we still need the coach heaters.

We pulled into My Brother’s Place RV Park about 1:45 pm, and got set up.  An hour or so later we headed out to drive around the area and grab a late lunch.

After dropping off some mail at the Post Office,  we stopped off at a couple of parts places to pick up a spare fuel filter and engine belt before we cross the border.  It can sometimes be hard to get parts over there.

Before heading back to the coach we stopped for dinner at the local truck stop, since we were looking for a place that served breakfast all day.  Jan had some great blueberry pancakes, and I had a meatlover’s omlet.  All really good.

The park here is pretty nice, with big pull-thru sites and plenty of space between each coach.

My Bother's Place

My Brother's Place

Tomorrow I’m going to fix some stuff around the coach and kind of take it easy.  Jan’s just gonna take it easy.

More tomorrow…

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