Today is our last full day in Maine and the US for a while.

Tomorrow we drive about 2 miles east and we’ll be in Canada.  Then we have about a 185 mile trip to Moncton, NB.  We’ll stay there for 3-4 days while we explore the area around there, including probably an overnight trip to Prince Edward Island, while leaving the rig parked in Moncton.

After that we’ll see if we need to do anything about dodging Hurricane Danny.

Today was a ‘get the rig ready to roll’ day.  I added a charge wire to from the rig to the toad.  This will keep the battery in the truck from running low while we’re traveling.  Apparently in real hilly country, the auxillary braking system in the toad operates so much that on long travel days it runs the battery down.  The charge wire supplies power from the rig to the toad to keep its battery charged.

When we enter Canada tomorrow we’ll lose an hour since we’ll be now be in Atlantic Time.

 More tomorrow from Canada…

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