Christmas in ‘Beauty’




2 Responses

  1. Looks like you are having some wonderful times……So very happy for you both…………..Keep up the good blogs……………..
    Hope to see you up North sometime

  2. We met Nick and Terry back in 2002 @ Van Wert Ohio during an Escapade. Have followed their blog and adventures since then. We again hooked up with them last year in the Gulf Shores, Al area for lunch at Lamberts “Throwd Rolls” for lunch. Not the best meal we have had…but fun. Reading Nicks blog, I knew who you guys were but didn’t know you had a blog too. Now that we have found it we will be readers as we enjoy the RV life style too. Nick and I see eye to eye on a lot..not all..but a lot of life. Travel safe..laugh daily..and take a second helping at the table…lifes to short to diet!

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