Harry & Miguel…

Today was Moving Day.

But first I got to talk to the two American Eagle Owners parked next to us.  Both of theirs are 2001 models and then there is another one in the park that is a 2007.

It’s very unusual to see another Eagle in a park with us,  much less three in the same park, and two right next door.

They are part of the American Coach Association, a group for American Coach owners, and are traveling together after attending an American Coach rally in Decatur, IL  Hopefully we’ll get to talk some more before we leave on Tuesday.

As I said, today was Moving Day.  The park finally had a vacant site with a sewer connection, so we moved over this morning about 11:30 am.  If we don’t have a sewer connection, we can’t use the washer.

So as soon as we got moved and set up, Jan got the laundry started.

About 1:30 pm we headed over to Orono, ME, about 15 miles north of Bangor, to have lunch at a Mexican restaurant called Margarita’s, before we caught the 4:10 Harry Potter movie.

Unfortunately, no one told us that the restaurant didn’t open until 4 pm.  So we headed back over to Bangor to eat at Oriental Jade, the Chinese restaurant we ate at a couple of days ago.  And as luck would have it, it’s right next door to the movie.

After lunch, we still had some time so we went to Hannaford’s, a grocery store right next door, to pick up some things.

And then it was off to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

After the movie, we still wanted our Mexican fix so while heading back to Margarita’s, we came across Miguel’s Mexican Cafe right down the street from the movie.

The food was good, but it’s the same at every Mexican restaurant we find up here.  No one uses jalapenos in any thing. Even the pico de gallo is jalapenoless.

So the food is pretty bland compared to what we’re used to in Texas.

After supper we headed back to the coach for more laundry.

Tomorrow we plan to drive south down to Bar Harbor about 50 miles away to see some of the Maine coast line.

We’ll see how it goes since it’s raining right now and is supposed to still be raining tomorrow too.


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