What The Heck is a Dell, Anyway?

After a nice night at the Freeborn County Fairgrounds, we left Albert Lea, MN about 9:30 and got back on I-90E heading for the K & L Campground about 15 miles northeast of Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

Although our 210 mile trip was pretty smooth, it was really just one big single lane construction zone, just miles and miles of pylons. But since the speed limit was only cut back to 55mph from 70, it didn’t really bother us much.

At the 90 mile mark Jan took over driving for a while and I got in a nice nap. By the 140 mile when we stopped at a rest area, she was ready to take a break. She said it was the most nerve-wracking drive she’d done in the rig.

What started the problem was that as we left Minnesota and entered Wisconsin the terrain changed radically. From the mostly straight roads with gently-rolling hills of Minnesota, Jan was into steep hills and sharp curves, enough so that the PacBrake got a real workout.

And of course, the icing on the cake was the ‘miles and miles of pylons’ of the single lane road construction mixed in with all the hills and curves. So at the 50 mile point she was ready for a break.

We pulled into the K & L Campground a little before 2pm and got set up.

K & L Campground 1

K & L is primarily a resort campground with a lot of permanent trailers and campers parked on seasonal lots, They’re also a Passport American park with a 30amp FHU site for only $16 a day. Very nice.

But there’s two problems. One is that you can only stay here at the PPA rate Sunday through Thursday. Since we only wanted to stay until Thursday, not a problem.

The second problem was the 30 amp part. The temps here are going to be in the high 80’s / low 90’s for the next 5 days, and on 30amps we can’t run both AC’s. So it was time to break out my AC bypass.

A couple of years ago I broke out the power feed to my front AC and installed a plug / receptacle combo that lets me plug that AC into the separate 20amp receptacle on the power pedestal. So now we have both AC’s running, the coach is cool, and all’s right with the world.

Or at least our small part of it.

About 4 we headed into Wisconsin Dells to have dinner at Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty

Paul Bunyan Cook Shanty

The meals here are served family style, all you can eat. We had Fried Chicken, Beef Pot Roast, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Carrots and Peas, and really good homemade bread. Oh, and a dessert of Torte Cake, too.

Everything was really good, so good that we may come back for the breakfast one morning.

Tomorrow we may just goof off. We’ll see.


Thought for the Day:

Absence of proof is not proof of absence.



5 Responses

  1. Greg, I have an AC box also that allows me to use the 30 and 20 amp outlets as long as the 20 amp is not a GFI outlet. Is your the same or did you wire something different?

  2. Tom,

    This is something different. Your box tries to combine the 30 and 20 amp outlets into one 50 amp service.

    And you’re right, it won’t work on a GFI outlet, and my experience is that now days, most of them have GFI.

    What I did is go into the power panel under the bed and separated out the wiring that comes from the circuit breaker to the front AC.

    I then cut that wire and installed a 20amp inline receptacle and plug combo in it.

    The hot side from the breaker has the receptacle on it so there is no exposed power.

    When the plug is plugged into the receptacle, everything works as normal.

    When I want to power the front AC off of the separate 20 amp service, I just lift the bed, unplug the plug, and then plug it into a separate extension cord that runs out into my electrical bay.

    This then plugs into the 20amp receptacle on the pedestal.

    The only real reason to have 50 amp over 30 amp is to run both AC’s and this always works.

    I have occasionally found a 30 amp pedestal w/o a 20 amp receptacle, but luckily I never need it then.

    Hope this makes sense.

  3. Greg, it made perfect since to me. Thanks for the explanation.


    Sent from my HTC Inspire™ 4G on AT&T

  4. So, you were able to scam 50a from a 30a pedestal. It’s called fraud, not something to brag about!

  5. Peter,

    Strong language using words like ‘scam’ and ‘fraud’, only to reveal your ignorance of the facts.

    You might have asked if I had permission to do this, which I did.

    You might have asked why I didn’t pay extra for a 50 amp site. That was because none are available, otherwise I would have.

    You might have asked if the pedestal is metered, which it is. So using the 20 amp totals on the meter anyway.

    You might have ask about the many other park models around here that are running window AC’s from the 20 amp on their pedestal.

    You might have asked a lot of things before using words like ‘scam’ and ‘fraud’, but you didn’t.

    You might want to ask yourself why you continue to read my blog.

    You might want to know that I would prefer you didn’t.

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