Dodging A Bullet . . .

We headed out of the Sioux Falls Fairgrounds about 9:45am with Jan at the wheel. This is the first time she’s driven as we left a campground, since normally she just takes over along the way.  She drove about 90 miles until our first rest stop, and then we traded seats since we were starting to get some rain.

The referenced bullet-dodging was the fact that we managed to get out of the Sioux Falls Fairgrounds without rained out and stuck in the mud. In 2008 we were there for a week and it poured for the last two days. We sunk into the mud right where we were parked and couldn’t move at all.

And for a while this time it looked like it might turn out the same way. Rain was threatened the last couple of days, but it never materialized. But to make up for it, it was pouring down rain in Albert Lea, MN, when we headed for our destination about 180 miles away.

The speed limit on I-90 is 70mph while we putter along at our normal 55mph. And it’s amazing how many vehicles, including RV’s, blow past us . . . over and over. An Alfa See Ya Gold passed us three times, as did a Pathfinder coach. You’d think they’d figure it out after awhile as they keep passing me.

We pulled into the Freeborn County Fairgrounds in Albert Lea about 1:30, and wandered around for awhile looking for someone to check it with. This seems to a common problem with fairground RV parks. They certainly don’t have an overabundance of signage telling you where to go.

So finally I decided to unhook the toad and drive around for a closer look. But while I was doing that, ‘Norm’ showed up to lend a hand. He directed us to park on this concrete pad since they’d had so much rain in the last two days. Worked fine for us. We’ve got 50 amp electric, water, and no mud.

Freeborn County Fairgrounds

Around 4pm Jan fixed a dinner of leftover Old Chicago Pizza from the other night. Still really good.

Then about 6pm we headed over to Wal-Mart for a few things before coming back to the rig and then finished up the night with. a dessert of last night’s Bread Pudding from Famous Dave’s BBQ.

Tomorrow we’ve got a 210 mile trip to the Wisconsin Dells area for the next 5 days.


Thought for the Day:

If you need to be a lawyer to know the law, then the defect is in the law, not in the citizenry.



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  1. our friends visited the Wisconsin Dells a couple of years ago. . .I’ve wanted to see it ever since I read their blog post:

    Lord willing. . .next summer, so will be interested to see what you guys have to say also,
    ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog

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