I’ve never done it this way before . . .

I spent this morning working out our schedule for the next 5 weeks. I now have a reservation at every park or casino we’ll be staying at until August 21st.

I’m not sure I like this. Sometimes I’m not sure where we’ll be tomorrow, much less next month. But we’re on a pretty tight schedule getting back to Houston in time for Landon’s 3rd birthday, and many of the places we’re traveling through are tourist areas and the RV parks are pretty full.

Normally we wouldn’t worry, and just stay at a Wal-Mart, but with the weather in the high 80’s / low 90’s we’d end up running the generator all night just to keep cool. Plus in a number of places, we’re staying as long as a week at a time. So this is just easier.

But I still don’t like it.

About 1pm we headed into the Dells for lunch and some driving around. For lunch we ended up at the MooseJaw Pizza and Brewing Co. Hey, if it’s got ‘moose’ in the name, Jan’s gonna be there.

Moosejaw Pizza 1


Getting into the parking lot, we saw their pizza delivery vehicles. Jan now wants one of these as a roof ornament for the rig. As if we don’t already have enough drag up there.

Moosejaw Pizza 2


I’ve followed vehicles running on fry oil before. The exhaust smells like french fries and makes you hungry.

Moosejaw Pizza 3


Jan even got in on the action with a new chapeau.

Moosejaw Pizza 4

After lunch we spent some time driving around the area checking out all the attractions. The first thing you notice is that this place is one big waterpark. It seems like every motel/hotel has their own small one, and then there are all the other big ones. In fact, “Noah’s Ark” is advertised as the largest waterpark in the US.

We also passed by the location of The Original Wisconsin Ducks. Starting in 1946, they were the very first Duck ride in the US, and now have over 90 vehicles in service.

Since we taken Duck tours all over the country, we couldn’t miss taking this one. So after we got home I bought tickets online for both a Duck ride and a JetBoat ride.

Tomorrow should be fun.

On another note, yesterday I blogged about how I used the separate 20 amp receptacle on the pedestal to power one of our AC’s since we’re on 30 amp and the weather’s in the low 90’s.

One reader asked for further info on how I did it. But another one took exception to what I was doing. Here’s his comment that you can still read in the comment section of yesterday’s blog.

So, you were able to scam 50a from a 30a pedestal. It’s called fraud, not something to brag about!

And here was my answer, also still on yesterday’s blog.


Strong language using words like ‘scam’ and ‘fraud’, only to reveal your  ignorance of the facts.

You might have asked if I had permission to do this, which I did.

You might have asked why I didn’t pay extra for a 50 amp site. That was  because none are available, otherwise I would have.

You might have asked if the pedestal is metered, which it is. So using the  20 amp totals on the meter anyway.

You might have ask about the many other park models around here that are  running window AC’s from the 20 amp on their pedestal.

You might have asked a lot of things before using words like ‘scam’ and  ‘fraud’, but you didn’t.

You might want to ask yourself why you continue to read my blog.

You might want to know that I would prefer you didn’t.

Hope this explains things.


Thought for the Day:

You don’t notice it’s a police state until the police come for you.



15 Responses

  1. Quick to criticise and be rude…. Why, I have no idea. Love your response! Tell Jan I am quite jealous of that Moose hat!

  2. Just remember Greg, there is no fixing “stupid” and you gave an excellent response. Safe travels.

  3. Great response, some people.

  4. Great answer Greg I like it.

  5. Well said! Good shot of Jan with her moose hat!

  6. Well, I think you’re a genius MacGyver, able to fix ANYTHING. And confident enough in your skills to explain it to others.

    Of course Peter is not only rude but clueless about blog ettiquette AND electrical thing.a.ma.jigs.

    Keep on fixin and bloggin … your skills are appreciated by many of us.

  7. Love the hat Jan…..wear it while you’re driving for a few extra ‘looks’. And loved Greg’s response too.

  8. Great response to Peter. He probably has tucked his tail between his leg and slinked off to his den.

  9. Greg, you did GREAT in responding to that guys comment. Gee why do people think this way, my answer= no common sense and first talk thru their rear before the mouth . Bill

  10. Greg, you’re a credit to us RVer’s that appreciate knowing how to work with what is available, and say things in a manner which is tactful and educational. Keep up the good work.

  11. His coments once again prove “one does’nt need a hi IQ to be rude and obnoxious”. Like some else said you can’t fix Stupid. Personally I’d like more information on the electrical fix. Thank you for your delightful posts. Ed Avance

  12. Remind me not to piss you off.

  13. I really don’t understand why people think they can chastise a blogger for writing something in THEIR OWN BLOG. If they don’t like it, don’t read it. A couple of times I was kind of insulted by what someone wrote in their blog, and I just took a little break from reading their posts until I felt better about it. Then I started reading them again. I wouldn’t have ever criticized them for their opinions or statements. Peter appears to be a dufus, and one of the many people who feel they can police others without knowing the facts. Sorry Peter, take a time out.

  14. Amen, brother! Where is Peter’s follow-up comment today?!? Ha, ha.

  15. Nick,

    Be afraid.

    Very, very afraid.

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