Our Blog has gone viral!…

A friend of ours told us last week that her son’s teacher was showing the class some funny photos online, and before showing one, said that this one was her favorite…

And it was us!!!!



Someone had posted it here…


on May 8th.  We don’t know who posted it, but we love the comments down below.  Be sure and scroll down to read them.

I had originally posted it to our blog here…


on April 13th.

Our friend’s son Spencer said everyone was really laughing at the picture, and then he said “I think I know those people”, and everyone laughed even harder. 

We might not have ever known about it being posted except for Spencer seeing it in his class.

Now that’s really a coincidence

And now for something completely different…

Today turned out to be a rainy, hang-around the coach day.  Then, about 5 pm we headed over to the coach of some new friends we made here, Al and Jan, to go out to dinner at El Leoncito Mexican/Cuban Restaurant here in Titusville.


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