All the Difference in the World . . .

It’s amazing what a 10′ x 20′ piece of tarp will do to keep things warm.

Gate Guard Tarp

Wednesday night was pretty cold. It had been colder last week (42 degrees), but Wednesday’s 53 had a 10-15 mph north wind combined with it. And it just cut right through you. Plus it was actually blowing the heat from the two electric heaters away from me.

So the tarp really helps, though it does make our ‘encampment’ look a little more ‘Beverly Hillbillyish’. We probably need to add a still to complete the look.

But, hey, it’s an oilfield.

Yesterday was grocery day in Pleasanton, so as usual I stopped off at McDonald’s to bring home lunch. And maybe things are looking up there. Last week I waited 26 minutes for an Iced Coffee drink, 4 pies, and 3 packs of Apple slices.

Today the same order only took 8 minutes. Maybe the fact that they seem to have a new manager is what made the difference. We’ll see next week.

One nice thing about the time change is that I get to see a lot of really great sunrises.

Gate Guard Sunset

I’ve added two more recipes to the Jan’s Favorite Recipes tab: Squash Casserole and Broccoli Casserole. These, along with her Sausage Balls, are her go-to holiday recipes, the ones that everyone wants her to bring when we get together with friends and family.

Wrapping up, I just had to post this. If only to make you see what I cannot unsee.

It probably should have gone under my What Were They Thinking tab, but I’m not sure any ‘thinking’ was involved.

The link is for The 29 Whitest Family Photos for All Time.

This is No. 2, and one of the few that I feel comfortable posting on the blog itself.

Winne The Pooh Family

And I don’t think I’ll ever get No. 13 out of my mind. And No. 6 is right up there.

See for yourself and don’t say I didn’t warn you if you end up gouging your eyes out.

But as a disclaimer I have to inform you that Jan and I are also on the Awkward Family Photo site too. Here’s the photo that got us there.

Check out the link below and be sure to read the comments down below, including a couple that I made explaining things.

And here’s the story behind the photo after we first posted it in 2009.

At least we’re not wearing pink fur suits.

Thought for the Day:

How can $40.00 bankrupt a multi-billion dollar company? Here’s how.

In the late 90’s, a Blockbuster customer returned a video one day late and was charged a $40 late fee. That really pissed him off. His name is Reed Hastings, and instead of just stewing about it, he went out and founded Netflix. Which killed Blockbuster. Then Redbox drove a stake through its heart.

Blockbuster, once having over 9000 stores, and now owned by DISH, just announced that they are closing their last 300 stores.



4 Responses

  1. That is just so hilarious… so funny….You guys are good sports….Jan your face is just priceless….but mine would probably look similar….Can’t do roller coasters…scare me to death….Now watch you hands Greg…

  2. OMG, those pictures were some of the strangest I have ever seen. Like you said, what were those people thinking. Your picture, on the other hand, was a keeper.

  3. Janna,

    !. You have a dirty mind.

    2. You didn’t read the comments where I said (and someone else figured out) that I was holding a souvenir water bottle that hanging around my neck. So every time we went over a drop it would come up and hit me in the head. So after the second time I started holding it down.

    At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. or holding on to it, or something.

  4. Loretta,

    As I said, what has been seen cannot be unseen.

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