A Great View . . .

After our morning walk, Jan and I sat out by the rig and just enjoyed the view, and the wildlife.

Sitting Out Front


We had a Great White Egret,

Great White Egret


a feeder full of Monk Parakeets,

Monks Parakeet


and a hungry pelican looking for breakfast.

Pelican on Bayou2


While we were walking around the park, a lady stopped and introduced herself as Lillis Palmer. She said our mutual friend Chris Yust had told her we were here and described our rig well enough that she was able to track us down.

Although she had just finished her walk she ended up joining us for the rest of ours. Then we got to meet her husband Dick as he was leaving the park on some errands. We ended up having a good talk about our RV lives and mutual friends. A very nice lady.

About 1:30 I headed out on some errands myself. My first stop was the new CVS where last night I had uploaded the Christmas cards to be printed, since the first one had printer problems. When I mentioned it, they gave me a 25% discount on the cards. Nice!

Then it was on to Fry’s Electronics to check out some new computers for a client. The first thing I noticed is that it’s getting harder to find anything with Windows 7 on it. But I did find a couple of possibilities that I’ll run by my client.

Then after a quick stop at the bank, I headed over the house to check the mail, and then it was back to the rig.

Finally it was off to McDonald’s for dinner, since I was craving a McRib, before they go away again.


Thought for the Day:

If pigs could fly I bet their wings would be really tasty. – Stolen from my son-in-law’s sister, who may have stolen it from someone else.



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  1. I was so looking forward to being there to enjoy those parrots with you guys. . .but alas. . .not to be. I’ll just hafta continue enjoying yours pics of them. . .

    ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog

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