Stormy Weather . . .

Before Jan went to bed last night she put our brunch in the microwave. Not to cook, but to rise.

She was fixing some of the Galaxy Gourmet Croissants that our daughter Brandi gave us for Christmas. They were shipped to us frozen solid, and in plain and chocolate-filled favors. They come out of the box about the size of a Snicker bar, but after thawing and rising for about 9 hours, they look like this.

Galaxy Croissants

And boy, are they good! Flakey, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth good. They’ve been on Oprah’s Favorite Things List twice in the last few years.

About 11 am Jan and I headed over to Nick and Terry’s for croissants and coffee, and a bit of conversation and world-problem solving.

The other thing we did was watch the bad weather roll in. This photo was taken about 1 in the afternoon,


We kept getting warnings and watches for tornados in the area, but I guess they missed us.


I was supposed to go into a client’s office this afternoon, but when I called them to say I was going to stay home and be in tomorrow, they said that was fine because they were closing the office and going home. So that worked out well.

Later in the afternoon, it cleared up a little, but then around 4:30 the black clouds rolled back in and started spitting rain again. But on a brighter note, it’s supposed to be nicer tomorrow.

About 5 pm Nick and Terry came over and we all headed up the road to Stomp’s Burger Joint, our favorite local hamburger place. And I think it’s Nick and Terry’s favorite now too.

Pictured is my favorite burger, the Hog Wild. It has raw, unsliced bacon ground up and then cookded with the hamburger meat. It’s kind of an inside-out bacon cheeseburger.

And of course, you can’t forget their fabulous crispy, flakey, sweet onion rings.

Stomps 3

After Stomp’s, we drove over to Lowell and Brandi’s to pick up Nick’s mail, and so he and Terry could meet Brandi, Lowell, and Landon. Lowell’s sister Sherry was also there, but she’ll be in Oklahoma when we all get together Friday night.

Our last stop before heading home was a quick Wal-Mart fix for a few things. Then it was home for the evening.


Thought for the Day:

Remember, a chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion.



2 Responses

  1. Howdy J&G,
    Jan those rolls look scrumdidilyicious; I garontee!!! I sweated out the storms for y’all and knew Jan was a nervous wreck..But it was okay!!
    When are you going to feed Nick those ‘wings’?? He needs’em!!!

    What’re we gonna do after they’re gone to Arizony?? Fuss cause they went??

    Hope today is a wonderful experience for y’all!!!

  2. Butterbean,

    Nick won’t be out of our sight for long.

    We’ll be heading out to Yuma just a few weeks behind him.

    You can’t leave him along too long. He’ll get in trouble.

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