Finally . . . Maybe

Well, I was at the repair place at 8am this morning.

And then things went downhill from there.

When the guy from RV Glass, that was supposed to know all about installing this type of gasket on an American Eagle, didn’t show up, Josh, from Coach Supply, gave him a call.

And it turns out that the guy knew nothing about coming to help install my gasket. Nobody had said anything to him about it.

And in fact, he was already booked solid the rest of the week, anyway. And on top of that, he had never installed this gasket on any American Coach whatsoever.

At this point I threw a major snit fit (note the ‘n’).

I first called American Coach parts down in Decatur, IN to confirm, yes they did have the gasket in stock, and it was $266.69.

Then I got on the phone with RV Glass out in CA and jumped all over them, but politely.

The local RV Glass guy here in Elkhart had admitted on Friday afternoon that they were trying to use a cheaper, generic gasket instead of getting the real one from American. This, coupled with the phantom, know-it-all, no-show repair guy, was the last straw.

When I related all this to RV Glass HQ, that seemed to get the ball rolling. It took a little while but I later got a call back saying the gasket was waiting down in Decatur.

I had already mentioned that I was willing to go down and pick it up, so about 1:30 Jan and I hit the road for the two hour drive down there.

Real Gasket

When we got there, the gasket was waiting as promised, and already paid for.  I had told Josh not to worry about trying to install everything tonight, since we were already on the hook for tonight’s motel room, but that we would get a early start tomorrow morning.

We got back to Elkhart about 5:30 just in time to get with Nick and Terry Russell to have dinner at El Maguey, probably our last time this year.

So hopefully, this time tomorrow we’ll be back in our rig.

We hope.


Thought for the Day:

If you don’t read a newspaper, you’re probably uninformed. If you do read a newspaper, you’re probably misinformed.



3 Responses

  1. Why, why, why is it always so difficult with these repair places??? I had to throw a bit of a fit at my generator place, too. I hate to do that, but geez, if you don’t, they walk all over you. I hope the rest of this job will go fast and smooth, and the install will be done right. Good luck tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Whatever happen to honest, businesses? When they tell you half of the truth, they are still lying. Lying to customers has become a norm.

  3. When Mercury is “retrograde” things get messed up … for everyone.

    Mom’s first Mercury-retro hard-learned lesson taught me “no new anything during retro time”. It’s great for researching, but don’t DO anything new …no new contracts or agreements, new appliances, or installations.

    She learned about Mercury after spending 3 months sorting thru a years’ worth of tax-deductible receipts vs. non-worth-keeping receipts to give to her CPA. During 1 of the Mercury retro times before going to the CPA with all her carefully sorted receipts, she burned all the bad receipts in the burn barrel. She had a horse farm to operate and had already wasted enough time sorting papers – it was time to get to the appointment!

    At least she THOUGHT they were the bad receipts …Mercury stepped in to teach her a lesson… Nope, she had burned all the tax-deductible receipts for that year.

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