I Miss My RV . . .

That’s what Jan said this evening watching TV in motel room. And I agree.

Yesterday, we had a number of comments wondering what Mister was doing during the whole windshield thing. And the answer is, as usual he was trying to get right in the middle of it.

Mister and Windshield

At times he would even be hanging out the opening watching the guys work. Finally I put him on his leash and tied him off to a scaffolding by the rig and he just lay there and watched.

Jan and I both got up early this morning, (well, 8am early, early for me) so we could check out the free (that always gets my attention) continental breakfast here at the motel. And it wasn’t bad at all.

They had muffins, English muffins, toast, and Belgian waffles, as well as cereal, milk, coffee, and OJ.

About 9:30 Jan and I drove over to our coach to pick up some more things for our extended motel stay. While we were waiting for Josh to open the shop, we met Jerry and Tish Unterkoefler who showed up in their Monaco Diplomat. They wanted to talk to Josh about getting some new Captain’s Chairs for their rig. Said they were next heading down to Decatur, IN to have Monaco replaced the seals on their slide.

Started to ask them if they could pick up the correct windshield gasket from American Coach.

Leaving Coach Supply we headed over to Wal-Mart for some cat food and chips, and then on the way back to the motel, we stopped off at Steak and Steak for lunch.

This time I had the Jalapeno Crunch Steakburger.


And Jan had the Chili 5 Ways.


Both very good, just like our last visit.

Although we don’t usually eat two meals out a day, we made an exception and met Nick and Terry at the Wings Etc. over by the Wal-Mart. And by the time we left, we both hurt.

But, as Jan said. it was a ‘good hurt’.

I guess Nick just doesn’t see enough of me now since we’re not parked right next door, so he called a little before 9pm with some made-up computer problem just to get me to come over.

But I did come home with strawberry-rhubarb pie and warm chocolate chip cookies, so it was all good.


Thought for the Day:

"The defect of equality is that we only desire it with our superiors." – Henry Becque



2 Responses

  1. You need business cards saying will work for cookies, pie, cake or anything sweet!

  2. Pie and cookies? What could be a better payday. If you are like us, we REALLY don’t like staying anywhere else but in our own little home of wheels.

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