Skyping and Cookies . . .

On what might be our last nice morning for a few days before the rainy weather sets in, we sat outside with our coffee, muffins, Mister, and Mister’s little buddy, Nick, for a while.

Nick and I spent most of the time comparing notes on our new Galaxy S5’s, figuring how to turn some stuff on and other stuff off.

And the more we learn about the S5, the more we need to learn.

Brandi called about 11 to wish me a Happy Father’s Day, and set up a time for us to Skype, so after a nice lazy afternoon, we Skyped with Landon, Brandi, and Lowell for a while about 4:30. Landon was mostly occupied with playing in the backyard,

Landon Skype 2014-6-15 A

especially on his water slide.

Landon Skype 2014-6-15 B

He’s growing so big so fast that we can’t wait to see him in August for his 4th birthday. Really looking forward to it.

About 1pm our son Chris called with Father’s Day greetings and broke the news that he’s got a new toy.

Chris' New Bike

He said all he needs now is a bandana and a pony tail. Not sure what make bike it is because the photo’s not that clear, but it kind of looks like a Yamaha logo.

For dinner tonight, we combined leftovers from Famous Dave’s BBQ, Wings Etc., South Side Soda Shop, and Mancino’s Pizza. A real feast, and we’ve still got some Mancino’s pizza and cheesy bread for tomorrow night.

Then we’ll have to start eating out again so we can stock up on more leftovers.

And to top off a really nice day, later this evening, Nick showed up with a still-warm batch of Miss Terry’s famous oatmeal raisin cookies.



Thought for the Day:

Every big problem was at one time a wee tiny disturbance. – Unknown



3 Responses

  1. Sounds like a great Father’s Day for you.

  2. You are sure having a lot of fun it sounds like…and Mister too!!

    I cannot read this to hubby however…cause if he hears the oatmeal raisin cookie part I will have to bake today…it being my birthday, I don’t really want to…ha!!! He LOVES those cookies like crazy!!

    Looks like Landon is a busy boy…it should be fun to see him in August!! We skyped with some of ours this morning and last night. And a phone call from another. SO was nice.

  3. Add a helmet.

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