Rally Redo . . .

So about 11 Nick and Terry, and Jan and I drove back over the FMCA GLAMARAMA/Fleetwood Rally at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds in Goshen.

Nick needed to go back to the Verizon guy at the rally to finish configuring his new Samsung Galaxy S5 cell phone, and Jan wanted to look over some purses that one vendor had for sale.

I mentioned yesterday that I’m always on the outlook for new and novel items, but I missed this one yesterday until Nick brought it to my attention. What I saw when I walked up to the booth was a guy holding an extension cord with a small lit light bulb screwed into a socket on the end.

And his hand, and the lit bulb looked something like this.

Strike-Hold Electric Bulb


Now that got my attention.

Turns out it’s done with a product called Strike-Hold being sold at the rally by Ken Murphy and his wife Marilyn.

Strike-Hold CLP is marketed as a cleaner, lubricant, protector, and demoisturizer.

Strike-Hold Bottles

It was originally developed for use by the military to protect weapons from sand. When the parts are sprayed with Strike-Hold and allowed to dry, it functions as an excellent dry lubricant that repels the sand.

As far as the underwater light bulb, the spray has a dielectric insulation value of over 38,000 volts. Thoroughly spraying the socket and the bulb base is all that’s needed. Ken would even unscrew the bulb while it was underwater and then screw it back in again.

And on the website is another incredible demo where an electric drill is sprayed internally, and then while running, it is immersed in a bowl of water, and keeps running.

Both Nick and I came home with several bottles.

If you would like to order some, you can contact Ken Murphy at 214-850-4677 or kmurphytx@live.com.

Coming home about 2pm we made a DQ stop for a frozen treat before getting back to our rigs about 3.

Tomorrow will, hopefully, be a nice do-nothing day.

Thought for the Day:

My idea of an agreeable person is a person who agrees with me. — Benjamin Disraeli



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