And Now We Know . . .

A little before noon, Mister and I headed down to the Animal Care Clinic – North, a nearby vet clinic to have his infected ear looked at.

First off, he made a real impression, walking into the clinic on a leash, and then once inside. he looked around and then just walked over to one of the couches, hopped up, and laid down.

He even stayed there when I went over to the desk to check in. The receptionist called to several of the other ladies to check this cat. And when a couple of them came out to the waiting area to see him, he sat up on his haunches and waited to be petted.

When I took him into the exam room to see the vet, I put him down on the exam table and he just laid down. Didn’t try to jump off, or anything.

He let the vet check him over with no fuss, and we found out he’s down to a svelte 24 pounds from his high of 29+. We knew he’d lost some weight when he had that bad reaction to a flea infestation. The vet said there’s no problem with his weight, he’s just a big cat.

She took a swab of his ear and mentioned he had a growth in his ear about the size of a pea. I had thought it was swollen from the infection, but she said a lot of cats get these, and most of the time they go away on their own.

But in Mister’s case, his is partially blocking the ear canal, keeping fresh air and sunlight from reaching in there, encouraging the growth of bacteria. And after looking at the results of the swab under the microscope, she gave me a much stronger solution to put in his ear that will hopefully take care of the problem.

Mister then followed me out to the truck on his leash, and when I opened the door, he jumped in and then went over his side of the seat.

Smart Cat!

Since Jan was feeling a lot better, we made our Mishawaka run today, dodging intermittent heavy rain the whole time.

Our first stop was the ABC Appliance store where Nick and Terry were looking over their refrigerator selection, since they’re thinking about replacing the Norcold in their Winnebago with a residential type.

Then it was on to Sears to look over what they had. Next up, we spent some time checking out Barnes & Noble, and then went across the street to the Best Buy.

In this case it was refrigerator shopping for Terry, and Samsung Galaxy Tab shopping for Nick. But he couldn’t make up his mind about the Tab.

So while he was cogitating on it, we drove across the parking lot to have dinner at Famous Dave’s BBQ, one of our three favorite BBQ chains(Famous Dave’s, Rudy’s, and Sonny’s)

I had my usual (and delicious) Ribs and Sausage Combo, with Corn, Wilbur Beans, and Firecracker Green Beans.

Famous Dave's Mishawaka 1


Jan had their Ribs and Sweetwater Catfish combo with Wilbur Beans and Fries.

Famous Dave's Mishawaka 2


Nick had the Rib Platter and Terry had the Sweetwater Catfish Platter, all of it really, really good.

After dinner, I made the decision for Nick that he was getting the Galaxy Tab, by saying I was parking in the Best Buy until either he bought the Tab, or his bladder gave out.

He bought the Tab.


Our daughter Brandi called this afternoon and insisted I print an update on Landon’s dirty shirt in yesterday’s Darth Vader photo.

Landon as Darth Vader

She said that’s not food all over his shirt, but washable marker stains. He loves to draw, and apparently is very good at it. But he does get the markers all over him.

At least that’s her story and she’s sticking with it.


Thought for the Day:

“After you pull the pin, Mr. Grenade is no longer your friend.”