Bread and Buckle, and Cookies . . .

With our coffee this morning we finished off the last of the delicious Snickerdoodle Bread that Phyllis Schell had dropped off the other day. MMM MMM Good.

Around 12:30 I called a nearby vet clinic to make an appointment for Mister. He’s had a persistent ear infection in his left ear for the last few weeks. He doesn’t scratch at it that much, but there is a strong odor from it. And his right ear is fine.

I got some Zymox a couple of weeks ago and started treating him with. The smell will go away as long as I’m dosing him with it, but as soon as I stop, the smell returns in 2 or 3 days.

So off to the vet it is. And luckily this vet clinic has separate dog and cat entrances. Lucky for the dogs, that is.

We had all planned to head over to Mishawaka this afternoon, but it just didn’t work out with Jan. She’s been in one of her three day migraine cycles, and although she got dressed and ready, at the last minute she just didn’t feel like going. So we’ll try it again tomorrow, post vet visit.

A little later, Nick and Terry, and I went over to Menard’s for a few things. I was looking for a Circle Retaining Clip

Circle Clip

like this.

I had pulled one off the Chair Rotate Release cable when we removed the passenger chair in Nick and Terry’s rig so we could change out the washer, then misplaced it.

And despite knowing if they installed a residential fridge in their rig, it would fall through the floor and kill them, Nick and Terry wanted to look at Menard’s selection to get some ideas.

A little later, I guess sensing that we had finished off the last of her Snickerdoodle Bread this morning, Phyllis Schell sent husband Dick over to make a cookie delivery. MMM MMM Good, again.

Late this afternoon the guy finally came by to pick up what’s left of Terry’s old Splendide washer/dryer after I parted it out. If it was still here tomorrow, I was going to plant flowers in it.

Wayward Washer

Then for dessert tonight, we finished off the last of Miss Terry’s Blueberry Buckle. It’s just been an embarrassment of riches today.

And why, I don’t know, but here’s a picture of Landon in a dirty shirt and a Darth Vader mask.

Landon as Darth Vader


Thought for the Day:

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." – Theodore Roosevelt



2 Responses

  1. Kids are so hilarious aren’t they….looks like your grandson is extra funny!! I am sure you miss him!!

    Hope the vet can help poor Mister…it must not feel the greatest to have that ear thing going on. Our dogs pretty much kept each other’s ears cleaned…but Mister being by himself won’t have that help eh?

    Glad you won’t need to plant any flowers now. One less worry eh?

    So sorry about Jan…we have migraine sufferers in our clan too… no picnic. There is a new (to me anyway) contraption to wear on the forehead when one comes that supposedly makes it go away. None of our sufferers have tried it yet. Will send on info when I come across it again. One daughter has tried numerous things from the doc. She does have some meds that help, but it nearly knocks her out too, so she hates to use it.

  2. I hope Mister is okay. Please be sure to let us know. That Snickerdoodle bread sound great.

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