Green Beans and Pretzels . . .

Officially it made it to 65° here in Elkhart today with a low of 50 expected tonight. Which would have been great, except for the rain that came with it. Which meant no walking and no coffee and muffins outside with Nick and Terry.

But it was a great morning for reading and computering, so that worked out well.

About 1pm I drove Jan down to get her hair trimmed, something I do with great dread every time. Because since she’s usually at a different place each time, with a different stylist, sometimes she’s not real happy with her cut.

And who’s the closest at hand to vent to?

That would be me.

But today was my lucky day, (and Jan’s too, I guess) because she really liked her trim. So I dodged a bullet for another few weeks.

Life is Good!


Gwen's Graduation

Our great-niece Gwen graduated from 5th grade today, with a lot of awards. She got a top 5 in art, a top 2 in writing, and straight A’s in Science, Reading, and Language Arts.

Way to Go, Gwen!

But smile next time.


A little before 5pm, Nick and Terry, and Jan and I drove over to have dinner at the nearby Applebee’s. And as has been our recent experiences, it was really good.

Jan and Terry had the Margarita Queso Grilled Chicken and Shrimp, while Nick had the Penne Pasta with Chicken. I however, had the Grilled Vidalia Onion Sirloin that they’ve been advertising on TV recently. It also came with smashed red potatoes (that’s how they describe them) and fresh steamed garlicy spinach. The 9oz. sirloin was perfectly medium rare, just slight charred on the edges, and very flavorful.

And we also had our favorite appetizer there, the Green Bean Crispers. These are lightly breaded and fried 6” long fresh green beans, served with both a BBQ Bacon Ranch dip and Zesty Horseradish dip.

Nick, not believing in vegetables, have Brew Pub Pretzel and Beer Cheese Dip appetizer.

They also have the Dessert Shooters, those little shot glass desserts, that are the perfect way to wrap things up, but everyone was too full this time.


Don’t know if anyone else is watching the Fargo miniseries on FX Tuesday nights, but Jan and I have really enjoyed it. They’re down to the last 2 of the 10 episodes, and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Done by the same people who did the Fargo movie back in 1996, the TV show has no direct connection, except the Minnesota location and a really quirky story.

If you haven’t seen it, hopefully they will rerun it at some point. It’s worth seeing from the beginning.


Thought for the Day:

"The people I distrust most are those who want to improve our lives but have only one course of action." — Frank Herbert



2 Responses

  1. Yes, Fargo is terrific. Billy Bob is incredible. Cant stand the wait for ending. How about Lester banging the bullies wife. Thank is really sweet revenge.

  2. Very funny…about haircuts and all. It is a great frustration trying to get someone to do what you ask however…how well, I know that one!! For years while we lived in NC, my daughter cut the back and me the front and sides and I even had people stop me in stores to ask who cut my hair and beg to be told. Trouble is, I am the only one whose hair she cut. Never had a day of training. So it seems to me if someone with NO training can do so well…what is wrong with the rest of them?? It never seemed to matter how much I paid…little or a lot…basically same result. Of course, one place we lived in WA state, I had the best of the best…she worked on you till EVERY SINGLE HAIR was just so!!! SOOOOO sad when she quit working!! But I found her cause I noticed someone with straight blond hair and it looked so awesome…so I first took my very blond daughter to her and was so pleased…so I was next. If they can cut blond hair well…you know they are good!! That became my measuring stick.

    Glad things worked out this time for Jan!! She should start up a little column on her with names and places where people do a good job!!

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