Waiting for Change . . .

I spent most of this morning hobbling around and trying to stay off my feet, or specifically my right knee. Once it a while it goes out on me, and this time has been worse than most.

I’ve been banged up a lot in my life, but, between football and parachute jumps that didn’t quite go as planned, my right knee and leg got it worse than the rest. So sometimes I pay the price of my wild and crazy youth.

Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be on the mend.

About 2:30 Nick and I drove over to Phoenix Commercial Paint , Michelle Henry’s RV Paint facility. Michelle is well-known in the RV world as one of the best places to get your RV painted or customized. If you want a new paint job, Michelle is the person to see.

But today, I wanted to talk to Josh, to see about getting my cracked passenger side windshield replaced. Looks like everything’s now in motion. One thing I want to do is to pull out both the good driver side glass, and the cracked passenger side so the gasket can be replaced. American Coach recommend that be done, since the one on there now is 15 years old and becoming stiff and brittle.

Unfortunately we will probably have to put Beauty in the shop to have this done.

About 5:30 Nick and Terry, and Jan and I, drove over to George’s Gyros, a place recommended by Chris and Charles Yust of C and C RV Insurance fame. Nick and Terry had eaten there with them, and now it was our turn.

George's Gyros 1

George’s Gyros (pronounced ‘your rows’, not ‘gy rows’) has a distinct Greek flavor. With pita bread, Greek olives, and feta cheese, you can indulge your taste for Greek salads and food. But they’re also known for their Rib Tips, BBQ Ribs, BBQ Chicken, Chicken Wings, and Burgers.

Jan, Terry, and I got the Gyro and Spinach Pie Plate below.

George's Gyros 2

Of course, meat and potatoes Nick got a double-cheeseburger and fries. Just no sense of adventure.

For the gyros, you use the pita bread like tortillas, putting the gyro meat inside. along with tomatoes, sliced onions, peppers, and gyro sauce (a yogurt/sour cream mixture). Just like we do with fajitas down in Houston. The gyro meat is delicious. Really good.


Jan’s sister, Debbie sent over this X-Ray of her granddaughter Ella.

Ella apparently decided to be her own piggybank, and recently made her first deposit.

A quarter.

Well, you have to start somewhere.

Ella's X-Ray2

They’re still waiting for change.


I got several emails yesterday about my Photoshop (well, Paint Shop Pro) tutorial. And today I came across this illustration,

It had the heading “When you see the creepy thing, hit share.” Well, to save you the trouble, the ‘creepy thing’ is the disembodied hand on the right arm of the little girl.

Creepy Family Photo3

I figure she was crying in the original shot, so someone took her from another shot and put her in this one. Don’t know why they left the hand. Maybe thought no one would notice, or ran out of time.

Anyway, even without the spooky hand, you can tell this has been Photoshopped by looking at the blowup of the photo below.

The vertical bar in the center of the pic is a dead giveaway. You never really have abrupt transitions like this without some sort of anti-aliasing (the gradual transition of color from one pixel to another)

Creepy Family Photo6

Look at the pixels over the rest of the photo and you’ll see what I mean.


Tomorrow it looks like a road trip to Michigan City, Indiana. Assuming I can still walk.


Thought for the Day:

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” — George Orwell


3 Responses

  1. Oh dear…so sorry about the gimpy leg, Greg…I got one too…though I never jumped from a perfectly good plane…just fell down HARD once over a decade ago. Here is my comfort…spread on thin…and pain is less if not gone by 20-30 minutes….all natural stuff so won’t hurt anything: http://www.amazon.com/FIRM-with-Ambrotose-Mannatech/dp/B00EM36MJO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1401514897&sr=8-1&keywords=firm+cream+by+mannatech There is also a spray we get at our chiropractor’s that helps with pain called Biofreeze…some drug stores carry it too, but hubby thinks what he gets at the docs works better…any rate, hope you find some help for the leg!!

    Food looked yummy by the way…heh…read that part to hubby about Nick…gave him a chuckle!!

  2. Geeze – what is this with bad knees. My right one is giving me fits today too. Maybe the humid weather here in TX????

  3. Phyllis,

    Yeah, but we’re in Indiana. What’s my excuse?

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