Now you see her. Now you don’t . . .

Jan and I once again sat outside with our coffee, and the last of our Martin’s muffins. We kind of thought about walking, but figured we had done our part yesterday walking the Shipshewana Flea Market.

Mister was outside with us as usual, but his little buddy Nick was sleeping in, so Mister was on his own. I took a close-up picture of his new tag, but this evening when I started the blog,  I found that it was obscured by the grass he was lying in. So I did a quick cleanup in Paint Shop Pro (a Photoshop clone). Wouldn’t hold up to really close inspection. For that I’d have to work at the pixel level, but that’s very time-consuming.

Mister's New Tag 1      Mister's New Tag

On another level, below is one I did about 15 years ago. This photo was taken down in Florida and was supposed to Jan’s mother Trudy, on the left, and the three daughters. Debbie, on the right, Jan, next, and then Beverly next to Jan.

However, Beverly insisted that her jailbird friend Josie, also be in the photo.

Jan's Family 1      Jan's Family 2

So back home in Texas, I proceeded to remove Josie from the photo as depicted above. This took several hours to complete. It’s not really hard to do, more like just tedious.


Around 2:30, I saw that my Amazon order had arrived at the park office, so I drove up to pick it up, as well as a bag of ice.

Getting back home I spend about 30 minutes putting together our new kitchen cart, which came out looking like this.

New Kitchen Cart 2

Since when we travel, the slide comes in where the cart is, it will be wheeled into the bedroom hallway and the wheels locked.


I’ve been getting some really amazing speeds on the Verizon 4G system around here. This reading was done over in Shipshewana yesterday.

SpeedTest 35Mbs

Note the download speed was over 35 Mbps. The most I’ve had previously was about 20 Mbps.

Don’t know if this has anything to do with Verizon’s recently announced XLTE upgrade which is supposed to be 2X the standard LTE. In fact, from what I’ve read, I’m not sure that my almost 3 year old Samsung Droid Charge is capable of the XLTE speeds.

Tomorrow I’m going to check out a repair to see about getting the rig’s passenger side windshield replaced.

Thought of the Day:

Take offs are optional. Landings are not.



2 Responses

  1. How did the diesel fuel additive work? Did you see a difference in mileage? Thanks Dave

  2. David,

    I really haven’t tried to track it that closely, because it’s almost impossible to do so for a single vehicle under the various conditions that we travel.

    I use it because 1) I only used it every third fill or so and it costs less than $10 a bottle, and 2) a number of the big truck fleets in the oil patch use it and say it works. If you’ve got a large number of truck’s worth of data to work with, you can get a pretty accurate idea if it works, and they say it does.

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