A Three Hour Tour . . .

I had planned to go to the Geeks on Tour’s Blogging Class this morning, but I woke up about 8 with a really bad headache, so I took some Advil and went back to bed. By the time I woke up again, my headache was gone, but by then it was after 10:30 so I had missed the class that started at 10.

Yesterday when I made a Martin’s run for a few grocery items, I also got some of their wonderful Cranberry Orange muffins that we remembered from past visits. And after having one for breakfast this morning with our coffee, we both agreed that we may like them better than the ones we get from Buc-ee’s. The ones from there are delicious and larger, but they’re also more than twice as expensive, i.e. $2.19 vs. 89¢. But the ones from Martin’s are actually a little better, taste-wise, with an orange glaze on top. So, even if they’re not better than Buc-ee’s, at least they’re a good replacement while we’re up here in Indiana.

Nick came over a little later and we talked about his Self-Publishing Workshop that he gave yesterday. It’s possible this seminar might become a regular event at rallies, and he’s still looking for more ideas.

Later I worked on some things around the rig before a nap seemed like a good idea. By the time I woke up it was almost 4 and close to time to head out with Nick and Terry to have dinner at the El Maguey Mexican Grille, our favorite local Mexican place.

And it did not disappoint. From Nick’s Shrimp Enchiladas, to Jan and Terry’s Combo plates, to my Chile Verde, it was all top of the line. In fact, my Chile Verde (refried pork chunks covered in green tomatillo sauce) was just about the best I’ve ever had. And I have it a lot.

Getting back to the park about 6:30 we got together at Nick and Terry’s along with John and Kathy Huggins of Living the RV Dream fame. Well-known for their interviews and podcasts on  RV personalities, and the RV life and industry, they do a really good job covering the field. Check’em out.

Coming back to the rig about 8:30 I took time to let in the awnings. We’re expecting very heavy thunderstorms during the night and didn’t want to have any  problems. If only from the noise the awnings can make in high winds.

Wouldn’t want to disturb my  beauty sleep, now would we.


Thought for the Day:

They were making bamboo cars and coconut telephones. Why didn’t they just repair the boat?



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