TILT . . .

Well, at least I got to sleep late one morning, but this morning it was back to getting up early. Well, 8am early, anyway.

So, after Jan and I had coffee and muffins, Nick Russell and I headed over to the meeting hall here at the Elkhart Campground about 9am to get set up for the Self-Publishing Workshop that he was giving today.

The seminar kicked off about 10am and was well attended with about 20 people there.

Nick's Self-Publishing Workshop

Nick's Self-Publishing Workshop 2

Nick covered everything from Blogging and Websites, to niche publications and e-books. Nick also related many stories from his 40 years in the publishing industry.

After taking a lunch break from noon to 1pm, we finally wrapped things up about 4. Everyone seem to have a good time, and we all got a lot of good information.

Later, after getting back to the rig, I made a run to Martin’s right down the road to pick up a couple of things to go with our left-over Lambert’s fried chicken from a few days ago.

Tomorrow Chris Guld of Geeks On Tour is giving a workshop on setting up a blog starting at 10am. Looking forward to that one too.


On another note, there’s a couple of new high-flying attractions on the scene now. The first one, called TILT, is on the 94th floor of the John Hancock Building in Chicago.

Guests stand in individual glass cubicles which then ‘tilt’ out 30° from the side of the building.


giving you a 1000ft straight down view of the city,


and a spectacular view of the Chicago skyline.


Makes me almost willing to journey into Chicago to check it out.

For another 1000ft down view, check out the Glacier Skywalk. Located in Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada, it looks out over (and down on) a fantastic view of the Canadian Rockies.

Glacier Skywalk 1

Glacier Skywalk 2

Hope it’s not as big a tourist trap as the Grand Canyon Skywalk on the Indian Reservation in Arizona.


On a final note, I saw today that due to a shortage of gate guards, Gate Guard Services, the company we’ve worked for the last two years, has bumped the pay rate from $125 to $150 a day.

Hope it holds until we’re back there in August.

Thought for the Day:

"To succeed in the world, it is not enough to be stupid, you must also be well-mannered." – Voltaire