Into the Heart of Darkness . . .

Tomorrow morning we head further into the Heart of Darkness, also known as The Nick Russell Zone of Bad Weather ©®™ pat pend.

And the closer we get, the worse the weather gets. By the time we actually get to Elkhart, we may be in the middle of the Biblical Ten Plagues.

We started out the morning meeting Jan’s sister Debbie, husband Jim, son Jason, and granddaughter’s Ella and Annisten at Denny’s for breakfast.



Ella Eyeglasses



Annisten at Denny's

Both real cuties.

After that we all went back to Debbie’s for the rest of the afternoon. We got to spend a lot of time with Ella and Annisten, and then later Gwen when she came in from school.

We also got to see Debbie’s daughter Christina for the first time, since she’d been working before.

About 6pm we all headed down to Los Amigos, a really good Mexican restaurant here in Vandalia. It’s unusual to be able to get this many together at one time because of everyone’s schedule. And even then we were missing Jason who had to work.

Vandalia Wrapup

(LtoR) That’s Debbie with her back to the camera, Annisten, Avery Jane, Gwen, Jim, Ella, Laura, Kurt, Tana, Christina, and Jan.


Landon’s been taking swim lessons the last two weeks. Or rather drown-proofing lessons. Today was graduation day, and Landon passed and got his diploma.

Landon Swim Graduation

But he sure doesn’t look too happy about it. Maybe it was that Pass/Fail Sink or Swim Final Exam that upset him.


On another note, I got a call at 7am this morning from Gate Guard Services in Whitsett, TX, the office that we work out of. They are desperate for Gate Guards and wanted to know if we were in the area.

So if you’re interested in giving Gate Guarding a try, get Diane a call at 830-570-1319 to see about getting started.


Tomorrow Jan and I say our goodbyes here and make a 340 mile run up to Elkhart for a while to meet up with Nick and Terry. We haven’t seen them since last July, and that’s just too long. We’re really looking forward to it.

Thought for the Day:

"Of course truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense." – Mark Twain