Q: How Can You Tell You’re In Illinois?

A: Fuel Prices Immediately Jump 30 cents a Gallon.

Jan and I headed over to Debbie’s this morning about 8:45, stopping on the way to get gas at the Wal-Mart. The last time I put fuel in the truck at Lake Conroe in TX, it was $3.21 a gallon. Today it was $3.54. When I got diesel in MO the other day, it was $3.62. Around here I’ve seen it as high as $3.99.

Don’t know where the extra taxes are going. They’re certainly not putting it into fixing the roads, that’s for sure.

A while after we got Debbie’s, Jan and I headed out with her to have breakfast at a nearby Mennonite breakfast place. The food was really good, and plenty of it. And they also had a lot of nice baked goods.

I had always thought that the Mennonites were a split-off from the Amish. Kind of Amish-light, so to speak. I have some relatives who are Mennonite, and they look, act, and dress like any Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, etc. But the Mennonites in this area are like the Amish of Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio. They shun technology, drive buggies, and dress plainly.

As it turns out, the Mennonites came first. Coming out of the Protestant Reformation of the 1500’s in Germany and Dutch-speaking countries, they were part of the Anabaptist movement of the time. And, as a matter of fact, the Amish came out of the Mennonite Church, not the other way around. There are about 15 different sects of Mennonites, ranging from ones like my relatives, to ones that shun all modern technology, to various levels in between.

Leaving the restaurant, we stopped off at an Mennonite flower nursery that Jan and Debbie spent some time going through. I, on the other hand, read my Kindle in the car.

Getting back home we spent time talking and napping before heading out to pick up our great-niece Gwen from school and bring her back to Debbie’s for the rest of the afternoon.

But that entailed a stop by the RV park so Debbie and her husband Jim could see the new floor in the rig, and a stop at Wal-Mart for a few things.

After getting back to Debbie’s, we all headed out about 6pm to attend Gwen’s band concert at the local high school. Reminded me a lot of my day’s in high school.

Gwen plays trumpet in the 5th grade band and really likes it. There were 3 different bands playing tonight and they all sounded good.

Gwen Concert 1

Gwen Concert 2

Tomorrow, our last day here, will be another one filled with fun, family, and frolic.

Well, maybe just fun and family.


Thought for the Day:

"It is always the best policy to speak the truth, unless of course you are an exceptionally good liar." – Jerome K. Jerome