Well, It’s Official. We’ve now entered the ZONE . . .

You know, the Zone.

Now that we’re within 300 miles of Elkhart, we’ve entered . . . (cue Twilight Zone music)

The Nick Russell Zone of Bad Weather ©®™

The one that follows Nick around the country, disrupting winters in Florida and Escapades in Indiana.

It’s only a matter of time before they run him out of the state.


For the 2nd time in 7 years, we ran into an RV park where the shore power voltage was too high, i.e. above132 volts. The last time was in Montgomery AL in 2010.

The voltage here at Tom Sawyer RV Park was running about 128 volts, but every now and then it would spike up to 133, just enough to cause our Progressive EMS  to kick out. This was probably caused by AC’s on rigs around us cutting on and off. After checking the readings on my EMS, and seeing the spikes were short-term and seldom, I turned the bypass on so that the unit would stop popping the power on and off the rest of the evening.


We headed out about 9:30 for a quick, easy run up to Sikeston, MO. A couple of hours into our trip I pulled in the Pilot at Hayti, MO on I-55N to get some diesel. Coming up to the turn in to the place I saw two entrances. The first one was labeled TRUCKS. OK, probably not me. The second was labeled AUTOS/RVS. OK, me.

Pulling in, Jan and I looked around for the RV pumps.

There were none.

So I pulled over to the right side of the pump islands to fill up there, although it would mean that I was stretching across both sets of pumps, but it wouldn’t be the first time.

New problem.

There were NO diesel pumps on the Auto pump islands.  AT ALL.

And I wasn’t the only one lost. There was another RV, and a couple of dually diesel pickups orbiting the Auto pumps with me. Luckily I didn’t get hemmed in and was able to get back to the side exit, get back out on the road, and then into the truck area.

Followed closely by my new friends, like a line of baby ducks. Luckily there were open lanes so we didn’t have to wait.

My Silverleaf computer interface said I’d used 83.9 gallons, and 85.0 gallons filled my tank. Pretty accurate.

That 85 gallons took me 779 miles for an average of 9.16 MPG. The speed control set on 55mph, and a lot of flat country with no headwinds made that possible.


We got in the Hinton RV Park in Sikeston MO about 12:45 and got parked and set up. This is a very nice park where we stayed in 2012. It has nice long hard gravel pull-thru’s with an easy in and out.

After a nice nap, Jan and I left the rig about 4pm heading a couple of miles down the road to have dinner Lambert’s Throwed Rolls, one of our favorite places.

They have 3 locations around the country: Foley, AL, Ozark, MO, and here in Sikeston. And over the years we’ve eaten at all 3.


Later in the evening, I went online and canceled all the Thousand Trails reservations that I made for the Lake Conroe TT and the Colorado River TT through the end of August. I did this at the time when we didn’t know how things would work out with Jan’s breast cancer situation. But now that that’s been resolved, they can go away.

Tomorrow we’ve got another fairly short run of 185 miles up to Vandalia IL to spend a few days visiting with Jan’s sister Debbie, and her family. We’re really looking forward to it.


Thought for the Day:

"I am not young enough to know everything." – Oscar Wilde



5 Responses

  1. Welcome to Illinois….Land of bad politics, bad roads, bad weather, and high taxes….lol…The weather should be better by the weekend…We could use some more sunshine….Glad your having a good trip up this way to visit the family….Wish we could swing over for a visit, but our daughter is graduating this weekend with her Bach in Nursing in Peoria…Hip Hip Hurrah…..Next step in our retirement…Stay Healhy…..Have a great time visiting family and Enjoy the Midwest….Perfect time to be here…

  2. Greg Please elaborate about your & Jans trip to Lamberts. You know, how many rolls you caught, what your mains were, what were in the sides pots being carried around, how many slices of pie you guys had etc etc…….aw the memories…

  3. Chris, I can tell you love the food at Lambert’s too. From the incredible pass around fried okra and wonderful rolls to the delicious fried chicken. One of my favorite places.

  4. Greg & Jan…when we stayed at Hinton’s we just went up to the Park Office and they called us a Shuttle from Lambert’s that picked us up and took us to the restaurant..and the driver took us right in the back door and we were seated right away…no waiting line…

    So glad to hear that Jan is doing great and that the surgeon got everything.

    We sure have missed seeing y’all though…enjoy your summer! Maybe we will see you in the Fall.


  5. Lynette,

    Wished we had known that.

    We wouldn’t have had to unhitch the toad.

    Thanks for the info.

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