Called on Account of Rain . . .

OK, we tried to have our coffee and muffins outside this morning, we really did. But the weather just wouldn’t cooperate. Well, it did to start with, but that only lasted until the raindrops interrupted. It stayed pretty overcast all day with a lot of rain promised that never really showed up.

Maybe we’ll try again tomorrow.

One of the things I forgot to mention the other day amidst our close shave at the Flying J over in Brookshire was that I used my Flying J RV Plus credit card.

RV Plus Card Logo

This is a deal between Good Sam Club and Flying J, and so far it’s worked great since I got it last year. This is not a discount card like the RV Frequent Fueler card that I had for years. That card promised discounts and promised to let you charge up to a $500 fill-up on your credit card. But it seems about half the time it didn’t work,

Either you didn’t get the discount, or even more of a pain, it wouldn’t let you do more than a $100 or $150 fill-up on your credit card.

But this one is a true credit card and always works. And the discounts always work too. On diesel it gives you the cash price, and then an additional 6 cents off that. On unleaded, it gives you a 4 cent discount.

In additional, you can also charge items inside the store, and even meals in any restaurants there.

As far as the card limits, if you elect to pay the bill manually. you have a $1000.00 a month credit limit. And if you let them do an automatic withdrawal from your account, you have a $2000.00 limit per month.

Since I don’t let anyone pull money out of my account, I find the $1000 limit works fine for me.

Check it out.

Later in the afternoon, Jan baked up a big batch of Pumpkin Spice cookies. Even the smell drifting through the coach was delicious.

For dinner we heated up the leftovers from our visit to Ichibon last night. And we made it any better by adding Sriracha sauce and some of the special hot sauce from Little V’s Vietnamese Bistro, which by the way, we’ll be eating at tomorrow night.

Tomorrow morning we’ll head back down to the Clear Lake for Jan’s oncology visit, which will hopefully finish things up.


1.)  What a Coincidence!

The NRA Convention was held in downtown Indianapolis this year, between April 25th and 27th. There were over 75,000 in attendance, many of whom were legally armed. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police (IMPD) reported that Saturday the 26th was “the most peaceful Saturday in the Month of April downtown.” Provided by the IMPD, here are the stats for “Saturday night problems” during April:

April 5: 300 teens at Circle Centre
April 12: 200 teens in large groups
April 19: 400 teens and shots fired
April 26 (NRA Convention): 100 teens, dispersed quickly

Just a coincidence? Or did the presence of thousands of armed convention goers contribute to an unusually peaceful evening!



2 Responses

  1. May 9, 2014

    Hi Greg

    I do like Flying J and the Pilot Flying J RV card is working better now and there are BUTS. It was better before the merger of Flying J and Pilot the cards were working better and their pricing was very good. Today I find the pricing better at Murphy and H E B. As a mater of Fact I fueled on Wednesday in Pearsall H E B at $ 3.699 a gallon, and yes the pump shut off at one hundred dollars but the tank was now full anyway.


  2. We use our Pilot/Flying J credit card pretty often, and because Don is a lifetime member of Good Sam, our savings is 8 cents off the cash price. This makes it more attractive than the 3% cash back we get on our AmEx credit card, which works out to about 12 cents these days at most stations, but is also based on the higher credit price.

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