Two Bites. And Only Two.

Today’s our last full day here at the Colorado River Thousand Trails before we head over to the Lake Conroe Thousand Trails tomorrow morning. So this morning was also our last morning to have our coffee and muffins sitting outside with Mister.

One thing that’s funny about these times, is how Mister always likes to have some of our muffins. But only two bites.

I will pinch off one piece about the size of the nickel and he will eat it right up. Then I will pinch off a second piece and down it goes too. But never a third piece. If I pinch off one more, he will just ignore it and walk off in the other direction. Then the next day it’s exactly the same thing over again. Strange Cat.

After pretty much goofing off the rest of the morning, I finally went outside to install the new shear pin in the slide. I mean I can only procrastinate for so long, right?

I first pulled the slide in a couple of inches, and then measured both ends of the slide from the wall to the outside edge. This distance needed to be equal on each side of the slide to within 1/8”. But to get this set up, it took a lot of jockeying the slide back and forth, and then fine-tuning the position with the manual ratchet.

Then I used pin punch to align the holes between the gear and the shaft. But finally I was able to the new pin started.

Shear Pin Install 1

Then I used the pin punch to hammer it home.

Shear Pin Install 2

I’ll wait until we’re ready to travel tomorrow morning to actually try it out.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Finishing the slide I got out my Air Compressor and topped off my driver’s inside rear dual. It’s always had a small, slow leak so I need to add about 10-15# every few weeks.

Later, about 4pm Jan and I drove into Columbus to have one last delicious meal at Los Cabos Mexican Grill. And, besides being so good, their portions are big enough that we both have leftovers for tomorrow night.

Coming home we made a quick stop at HEB for some salad fixings for upcoming meals.

Then later I packed away all the outside chairs and a few other things getting ready for tomorrow. Then it’s back on the road again, at least for 121 miles, anyway.


Thought for the Day:




6 Responses

  1. I realize that TT makes you move every two weeks, but can you make some special arrangements for your medical needs so that you don’t have to go thru all of this….. Its not like you plan to live there forever, which is why they have such a rule I presume….

  2. Greg,

    “Strange Cat.” That describes ALL cats!

    I especially like, today’s “thought for the day”.

    Sorry we’ll miss you folks and your seminar at Escapade. Fingers crossed and prayers up for Jan.


  3. από μου κρύο νεκρά χέρια

  4. Rod,

    Actually moving every two weeks is not that bad. At least we don’t get bored.

    Many people spend the winter orbiting every two weeks between TT parks around Orlando.

  5. Butch,

    Thanks for your kind thoughts.

    We’ll miss being in Goshen too.

  6. Lloyd,

    Is this where I’m supposed to say “It’s all Greek to me?”

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