Not Much . . .

Happened Today.

With the nice weather the last few days, we’ve sat outside with our coffee and muffins every morning. And today was no exception. The real problem is Mister. He’s an attention hog and just won’t let me alone.

Jan wanted to be sure that I pass on some information about her mammograms. Recently, based on numerous healthcare recommendations, she had started getting a mammogram only every other year. In fact, it had been two years since her last one.

And in fact, some sources are saying you can go even longer if you don’t have any family history of breast cancer, which Jan didn’t. Of course, now she’s very glad she didn’t wait another year. Things could have been a lot worse.

So she says, Get Your Mammograms Now!

Lowell posted this photo of Landon as they were leaving Starbuck’s. Looks like Landon’s not planning on sharing that Frappuccino he’s clutching. Hope Lowell got his own.

Landon and Lowell at Starbucks


Bad Dog!

Our daughter-in-law Linda posted this about their dog, PJ.

This guilty looking creature just ate 17 meatballs that were cooling on the kitchen counter. Guess who’s sleeping outside tonight?

Bad PJ


Like our friend NIck Russell, our son Chris also likes to fly kites. Here he and our granddaughter Piper are trying to get a big kite aloft down on Galveston Beach.

Piper and Chris with Kite

As far as today, I did pretty much nothing, just a few small chores around the rig. And no, I didn’t install the new slideout shear pin. But that’s for tomorrow before we leave here for the Lake Conroe Thousand Trails on Monday morning..

For dinner I fixed up another batch of Chili Five Ways, but like the last time, I used elbow macaroni instead of spaghetti. And as before, I added a can of Habanero Rotel Tomatoes and a can of Red Kidney Beans. Very spicy and very, very good.


Thought for the Day:

I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery – Thomas Jefferson



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  1. The quote from Jefferson: “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery” … He was not a benign slave master with his run away slaves. One wonders if he could attribute the same yearnings to the slave. A year or so ago, the Smithsonian magazine had an interesting article on Jefferson as a slave owner.

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