A Change of Plans . . .

Well, RV’ers say that their plans are written in Jello, and that’s very true in our case this time.

It now looks pretty certain that Jan and I  will not be able to make the 54th Escapade up in Goshen this month. We were originally supposed to leave for Elkhart tomorrow morning (Friday), but some bad news/good news brought that to a screeching halt. While we were waiting for it to get a little warmer up north, we were also waiting for things to play out with the results from Jan’s mammogram on February 18th.

As has happened several times in the past, they found something that warranted a further look. So in March, they did a diagnostic mammogram and an ultrasound. And in the past, this is where it stopped.

But this time they found a problem that called for a needle biopsy, which was done toward the end of March. The diagnosis from the biopsy was ductal atypical hyperplasia. In layman’s terms this is a lot of funny looking cells in a milk duct. And funny looking cells are sometimes an indicator and precursor for cancer.

So on April 16th Jan had a lumpectomy, or more correctly, an excisional biopsy. And today, May 1st, is when she had her follow-up appointment and got her results. And this is where the bad news/good news came in.

The bad news was that they found carcinoma in situ, an early form of cancer.

The good news is that the lumpectomy got it all, leaving only healthy tissue.

But her surgeon wants her to see an oncologist to follow up on any further treatment. The only thing that has been suggested is that she might have to start taking Tamoxifen, a daily pill to prevent any possible further cancer growth. It’s not considered chemotherapy, and is only about $10 a month from Wal-Mart..

The surgeon’s office faxed over Jan’s records to the oncologist to be evaluated. Then they will call us to schedule an appointment. It’s probable that this will be late next week if we’re lucky. Since the latest we could leave here and still make the Escapade is next Wednesday the 7th, that’s probably not going to happen.

As I told Jan, if we had to have bad news in this situation, this is the best news we could have.

Now back to our day today.

We left the rig about 8:45, heading down to Clear Lake for Jan’s appointment. We made a quick stop for gas and a bathroom break at the Flying J in Brookshire, finally making it to the doctor’s office about 10:45 for her 11am appointment.

We actually were in and out of the doctor’s office fairly quickly, and Jan decided she wanted to have lunch at Monterey’s Little Mexico down in Dickinson, because she wanted to have a Margarita, understandable under the circumstances.

Coming back up to Clear Lake, Buc-ee’s was on the way so we stopped in for some of their great muffins. Then after a quick client visit and a stop at Half-Price Books, we headed back north into Houston, so I could stop off at Interstate Batteries to drop off the 4 old batteries from yesterday’s change out. I definitely wanted my $129.90 core charge back.

Then it was on to Brandi’s house in Katy, arriving about 2:45, and giving us both time for a nice nap before we met Brandi, Lowell, and Landon at our favorite Little V’s Vietnamese Bistro.

Landon at Little V's 3

As you can tell form the photo, Landon has a good time where ever he goes.

And after another great meal, we finally got home about 7:15, after a long and eventful day. Tomorrow will probably be just a stay around the rig day. Well deserved.


Thought for the Day:

“A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.” — Thomas Mann


21 Responses

  1. Sorry for the bad news but glad for the good. Sorry we will miss you at Escapade. We were looking forward to seeing you again.

  2. Sorry to hear your wife’s diagnosis – sounds like she is on the road to a full recovery – God Bless

  3. Glad to hear it was caught early. Will keep her in my prayers.

  4. We will keep Jan in our thoughts and prayers for a positive outcome when she sees the oncologist. HUGS!!!

  5. In my prayers………..stay well take care

  6. Sorry to learn about Jan’s problems, but glad it was caught early. Praying for a complete recovery. We’ll miss you at Escapade, but understand that health comes first. Hugs to you both!

  7. Wow, Greg, so sorry to hear about Jan’s health problems, and sending prayers for her to continue on the road to being well. If y’all are in the area long enough, please come visit us at Martin Dies SP.

  8. So sorry to hear Jan has had to go through all this…and do hope she will not have any more reoccurance in the future. Plans so often have to be changed in our lives. I think often we do not see all the whys, but in the long run, somehow, it must be for the best. And you are still near your family in that area…so at least you are closeby to those you love. Hope things will go better in future.

  9. That’s great news about your bad news. To be brought back from the edge has got to make each day a little brighter. Your seminar on gate guarding will be missed, I’m sure, at the Escapade. However, we’re also sure everyone is rejoicing with the outcome of all Jan’s tests/procedures.

  10. Thanks.

    Hope to see you soon, too.

  11. Thanks, Michael.

    We appreciate the thoughts.

  12. Thanks, Tricia.

  13. Thanks, Janna.

    We appreciate the kind thoughts.

  14. Thanks for your prayers, Joanie.

  15. Thanks for your kind thoughts, Sharon.

  16. Thanks, Judy.

    We’ll certainly visit if we get over that way.

  17. Elizabeth,

    Thanks for your kind thoughts.

    Our family has been a big support base for us.

  18. Thanks, Margery.

    We’ll regret missing the rally, too. But first things, first.

  19. thankful for a semi good report, and prayers that follow throughs with the oncologist will alleviate any further actions. . .hugs!

    We will miss you guys. . .

  20. Janice,

    Thanks for the kind thoughts.

    We’ll miss ya’ll too.

  21. […] forward to seeing our pals Greg and Jan White at Escapade next week, but as Greg wrote in his blog the other day, a medical issue has delayed their departure from Texas and they won’t be able to […]

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