Too Close To Home . . .

or Do You Know What Your Neighbors Are Doing?

Apparently last night there was a murder/suicide right here at the Thousand Trails park in Lake Conroe.

Based on the photos, and the fact that I heard nothing, and had the windows open, it looks like it was on the other side of the park. You can read more about it here.

* * * *

Although it wasn’t announced beforehand, the park water was off most of the afternoon, but we just turned the water pump on and went about our business. Guess they were working on something.

Later for dinner, I fixed us salads, and then we heated up some of the fantastic Chicken and Sausage Gumbo that Chris Yust sent us home with last Sunday after our get-together at their place at the Escapees Park over in Livingston. And I think it aged like a fine wine. It may have been even better than it was before.

Even better, we’ve got another batch in the freezer.

And to round out the meal, I made up some garlic French bread to go with the gumbo. All really good.

Thanks, Chris.

Yesterday, Jan and I had dinner at the Rudy’s BBQ down in Spring. One of our 3 favorite BBQ chains, Rudy’s does it all right. And as usual, I got enough for us to bring home for other meals. Although it’s not a chain, I pretty much have to add Peter’s BBQ over in Ellinger to our favorite list. We’ll definitely go back after we move back to the Colorado River TT this coming Monday.

Our daughter Brandi, and our granddaughter Piper should be very glad Jan and I didn’t come across this Easter (or Halloween) costume when they were this size.

Baby in Chicken Suit

On the other hand, a photo like this could traumatize a kid for years.

But, then isn’t that a parent’s job.
Thought for the Day:

Ignorance of the Law



4 Responses

  1. How sad and scary…sure glad you guys were ok!! What a thing to leave your family to deal with…must not have loved his kids a lot. SAD!!

  2. We stopped at Rudy’s in Chandler yesterday after our Tent City tour. There’s was a sign that a second one will be opening in Goodyear next month. I’m so glad Arizona now has them.

  3. Jan,

    Nick and Terry, and Jan and I, ate at the one in Apache Junction/Mesa in April of last year. That was the first time we knew they were outside of Texas.

    Glad to see them spreading out.

  4. What a sad and desperate thing to have happen. I have a friend Deb with a long hair dachshund staying in that park right now.

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