Blood Moon Rising . . .

I spent some time outside last night getting some pictures of the Blood Moon Eclipse,

But the photos didn’t come out as well as I had hoped, for two reasons. First off, I couldn’t find either my monopod or my tripod. I suspect they got packed away when I was going through the bins. And second, it was 40 degrees outside which made it hard to hold the camera steady. And I can’t really operate it with gloves on.

Blood Moon 1

Blood Moon 2

About half way through the eclipse, the red started coming out.

Blood Moon 3


Here it’s almost done. I couldn’t get a good photo of the full eclipse because there wasn’t enough light for my camera to focus on.

Blood Moon 4

I’m glad the weather cooperated in seeing this. And even better, there are 3 more coming in the next 18 months – Oct. 8, 2014, April 4, 2015, and Sept. 28, 2015.

So see all four and collect the entire set.

A little after 5pm Jan and I headed over to Vernon’s Kuntry Katfish tor supper. We first ate here a couple of weeks ago when we were here at the Lake Conroe Thousand Trails the first time. This time Jan had the Grilled Catfish Filets, and I had the Fried Catfish and Shrimp. The catfish is as good as the Sealand Seafood Restaurant over in La Grange, but I think the shrimp here is frozen, not fresh. It had that very slight mushy texture that’s usually a giveaway.

Vernon's Katfish Platter

We also got an order of their Fried Green Tomatoes. Again really good.

Afterwards we drove across the road to the Wal-Mart to get the ingredients for the dishes we’re taking to Brandi’s Easter dinner this coming Sunday. By popular request, Jan’s fixing her Squash Casserole, and of course, her Sausage Balls. Those are the first thing everyone asks. Is Jan White bringing her Sausage Balls.

The recipes for both of these can be found under the Jan’s Favorite Recipes tab.


Thought for the Day:

I have a very strict gun control policy:  If there’s a gun in the room, I want to be in control of it. – Clint Eastwood



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