Great Friends and good food, too . . .

Jan and I headed out a little before 11, on our way to visit our friend’s Chris and Charles Yust at their place at the Escapees Park in Livingston, TX.

But our first stop was at the Jack in the Box in Willis for a couple of Supreme Croissants, much better than a couple of weeks ago at the one in Columbus. Then it was on for our 1 hour trip.

We got there a little after noon, and first off got a tour of their new (to them) 23 foot Itasca kinda Class B, kinda Class C, nicknamed ‘Stubby’. Rather than take their 40 foot Winnebago, they’re going to take Stubby to Alaska this summer. Being smaller it will let them get into places that they can’t with their bigger rig.

We talked for a good while before finally chowing down on Chris’ delicious Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, along with Cornbread Muffins. Really, really good. Then after a lot more conversation, it was time for some of Jan’s Pound Cake, covered in fresh sliced strawberries and whipped cream.

Chris and Charles Yust

Chris Yust and Jan

We finally headed back to the rig, getting in about 8:45. I did stop for gas at the Kroger’s in Willis. At $3.29, it was the cheapest I’ve seen in a while.

Tomorrow we’ve got another early trip down to the Clear Lake area scheduled, so the blog’s a little short tonight.

Thought for the Day:

Women are like tea bags. We don’t know how strong we are until we are thrown into hot water. – Eleanor Roosevelt 



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