How Cold Can It Be . . .

After a nice, quiet morning, about 1:15 Jan and I headed out for the 1:45 showing of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The second movie in the Captain America franchise, this one continues the non-stop action of the first one, as well as the plot tie-ins with the other Marvel movies, like Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and The Avengers. And even better it also directly ties in with the Agents of SHIELD TV show. If you go for this sort of thing, don’t miss it. And lucky for me, I have a wife who likes these movies as much as I do. In fact, she even likes Dr. Who.

After the movie we headed a couple of exits south on I-45 to have dinner at Ryan’s, one of our favorite buffet places. We both love their fried chicken.

But the first thing we noticed walking in to the place, was how warm it was . . . no, not warm, HOT!  We assumed that maybe their AC was on the blink. But when we ask our waitress, a young lady named XXXX, she laughed and said, “Well, that’s the story they’re using today.”  When we inquired further, she said that starting a month or so ago, all Ryan’s restaurant thermostats are now controlled from the corporate offices . . . in Eagan, Minnesota!  Where it was 57 degrees today. Apparently they’re only allowed to control the temp by 3 degrees at the restaurant.

Somebody needs to tell them this is Texas, not Minnesota.

Our waitress also said that over the last few weeks, a bunch of customers have asked for their money back and left because of the temperature.

On another note, ever taste or smell something and have it bring up an old memory? It’s happened to me before, and it did again today at Ryan’s. And strangely enough, it was caused by a Rice Krispies Treat, like one below.

Ryan's Rice Krispy Treat

I’ve always liked them, and usually get one when we’re at Ryan’s. But these were different. When I saw the colored bits, I figured they were just Rice Krispies dyed with food coloring. But one taste told me different and took me back.

They were not Rice Krispies, they were crushed TRIX cereal.

And suddenly, for a few seconds,  I was 10 years old, sitting at the breakfast table in our house on the Bon Secour River near Gulf Shores, AL.


After Ryan’s, we hit the Wal-Mart next door for a few things, and also the 99cent Store across the street before getting home about 7pm.

BTW,  I XXXX’d the name of our Ryan’s waitress to keep her from getting in trouble. We’ve had a couple of cases where I’ve mentioned a place here on the blog and have been contacted by the company. Just being careful. 

Thought for the Day:

Lots of people talk to animals… Not very many listen, though …That’s the problem. – The Tao of Pooh



4 Responses

  1. Ryan’s is going to micro manage themselves into oblivion. That is the most ridiculous policy I’ve ever heard of. Sounds like the MBA suits are in control.

  2. I won’t go near a Ryan’s………. The properties are filthy!

  3. Rod,

    This one was actually very nice, just HOT. Most Ryan’s we’ve visited are pretty nice.

    Golden Corral on the other hand, that’s another story.

  4. Funny how food brings us back to past times…eating oatmeal does that for me. First time I remember eating it was at my great grandparents. My great grandpa thought it should be eaten with applesauce in it…never did like it that way…but it brings back good memories of being with him/them!!

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