Maybe, just maybe . . .

After our long, busy day yesterday, it was nice to sleep in this morning and then enjoy our coffee and a Cranberry Nut muffin from Buc-ee’s. It got down in the 40’s here last night so it was very nice for sleeping, and it looks like it’ll be nice for the next several days.

* * * *

One thing we found out at Brandi’s yesterday, was the result of Landon’s recent allergy tests.

Up top you can see some reaction to various grasses and pollens.

Landon's Allergy Test

But the significant one is the lower left. Brandi and Lowell knew Landon had a peanut allergy, but tests showed he’s allergic to ALL nuts, except almonds. And his nut allergy has the chance to be VERY dangerous. So he’ll have to be careful. He also has an allergic reaction to raw eggs, but cooked eggs are OK.

The other thing I noticed about this photo is how broad-shouldered Landon is. Most kids his age are pretty much straight as a board from waist to shoulders. I see an OU linebacker position in his future.

* * * *

Later, I got back on the phone with American Coach to try and track down my missing shear pin. We went between his docs and some of the manuals I have from Power Gear. Finally, after about 45 minutes I think we found it.

Going back and forth between Power Gear’s manuals, I thought I’d tracked it down to being an 18-1034 coil pin, but when I tried American Coach parts, they had no record of that number. But they did list the other Power Gear numbers that I had ordered before, like 18-1038 and 18-1036, but no 18-1034.

But finally following up some info that John at American gave me, I was able to find a cross-listing between the Power Gear 18-1034 number and an American Coach number, which was #535919.

Eureka!  Maybe.

So my next call was back to American Coach Parts, and they were able to locate the pin using that number. And under that number it is listed as a coil pin of what seems to be the correct size. But there was no Power Gear number associated with it. Which is why I couldn’t locate it using that number.

The only downside was that they didn’t have any in stock and it would take about two weeks to get them in. So just to be safe, I ordered 3.

Hopefully they will be in before we leave the area.

A little later I was up on the roof installing the new Fantastic Vent fan motor that I picked up yesterday.

Everything went pretty smoothly with no real problems. I won’t rehash the install. You can read about other a couple of weeks ago here. Fantastic Vent Fan motor replacement

I did put a strip of Eternabond tape on the 6 inch crack in the other Maxx Air fan cover that I discovered last time, so that’s done.

* * * *

About 6 pm Jan and I headed out for dinner with two couples that are parked near us.

The closest couple is Garland and Valencia Scott. He’s a 30 year veteran cop and Valencia worked for Chevron. The other couple is Gordon and Merlyn Pendergast. He worked for SYSCO Foods, and I missed where his wife worked. They’re originally from Jamaica, and still have some of that lilting accent. The other neat thing is that they’ve only been retired for a week. Real newbies!

Garland and Gordon at El Bosque

Unfortunately, both couples are heading out tomorrow morning, so we’ll have to catch up with them down the road.

* * * *

If I’m really lucky tomorrow will be a do-absolutely-nothing day.

I can hope, can’t I.

Thought for the Day:
From my niece Christina.

Sometimes spacing is everything.

The Wig and Penis



9 Responses

  1. So….what kind of business is the Wig & Pen?

  2. Bee pollen is good for allergies or bee propolis! If youncan tolerate it! Start slow with it and work your tolerence up! Works well for me! Im allergic to pollen! What kind of biz is that place your neice sent! Lol staying warm in sunny fla! 🙂 susan and gary

  3. I’d say the Scotts and the Pendergrasts, being new to the game, were fortunate to have you at the dinner table and have the opportunity to glean some of y’all’s knowledge about this crazy lifestyle.

  4. AHHHH Wig & Pen is open for business……lol very good.

  5. George,

    A little Googling tells me that it’s a chain of Pizza Parlor Pubs.

  6. Susan and Gary,

    A little Googling tells me it seems to be chain of Pizza Parlor Pubs in the midwest.

  7. Tom,


    We did have a good time talking about everything.

  8. Did you get your pin delivered and installed? Did it fit right? I am struggle with this issue also. Finding the correct part is proving difficult.

  9. Cortney,

    I got the right pin back in May and replaced it on May 4th.

    And it’s worked fine ever since.

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