Well, Isn’t This Helpful . . .

Yesterday, after finding out that I still did not have the correct shear pin for my slide, I emailed Power Gear the following email on their website.

My 1999 American Eagle NS has a single Power Gear slide. A month or so ago, due to a loose floor tile under the kitchen cabinet, we popped the shear pin on the motor end of the slide.

I have gone back and forth with American Coach since then, trying to get the correct replacement pin.

The first one they sent was labeled this: 238957 PIN, 1-1/2" SLIDE, PART OF POWER GEAR B50-0240. This one, at 1/4" diameter was way too large.

Based some of your docs I assume this is a 18-1038 or 1039.

The next time they sent me an 18-1036. It’s not only too small, but it’s not a roll or coil pin, but a tension ‘C’ shaped pin. I actually tried one just like this from Tractor Supply. It lasted about a second.

So the only one that seems to be left is a 18-1034. American Coach doesn’t have any in stock and says it will take 3-4 weeks. PPL here in Houston also is a no go.

I’ve also called several other suppliers listed on your website, also with no luck.

Part of the problem is that even American Coach can’t give me the actual model number of my slide unit.

I can’t find any number on the slide itself, but I have found the following numbers.

The Inside Control Panel Part #530052
The Current Limiter under the slide Part #510116

Can you tell me what model slide I have, and what pin I need?

And who has them in stock without waiting 3-4 weeks.

Thanks for your help.

Greg White

And then early this morning, I got this ‘very helpful’ email back from Power Gear.

We wouldn’t know what system Fleetwood installed on the coach, only they can tell you this sorry.  We don’t have info on who stocks what, I doubt any one will stock shear pins.  Thank you.


Power Gear/Kwikee Technical Service

No, ‘Thank you.’

So Power Gear is basically telling me to go away and leave them alone. And note that they completely ignored my question about where to find a 1034 pin, and apparently don’t care if my slide ever works right again.

You can be sure that if we ever buy a new coach, I will pick one that uses Power Gear products. And yes, in case you missed it, that’s sarcasm.

Several people have mentioned checking out McMasters-Carr or Grainger and finding some the right size. And I may end up doing this as a last resort.

The problem is that according to the Power Gear docs I do have, the same size pins can have different tensile strengths, and thus, different breaking points. They’re kind of like mechanical fuses, and PG warns you to be sure and get the correct pin for your model slide.

So tomorrow it’s back on the phone with American Coach.

After Jan and I had breakfast one last time at Schobels’ Restaurant this morning, we left the Colorado River TT park about 12:30pm, heading back to the Lake Conroe TT for two weeks.

The 125 mile, 2-1/2 hour trip went very smooth with no problems, not even with Houston traffic. We just came in on 1-10, turned north on the Sam Houston Tollway, and then got on I-45 north.

With the weather getting warmer, we definitely wanted 50 amp and were lucky to get a nice level 50 amp site, right next to where we were two weeks ago.

About 4:30 we headed out to have dinner at El Bosque, a place we eaten at before and really liked. And we still like it.

Jan and I had the Fajitas Poblanas, with Beef and Chicken Fajitas, with onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and bell peppers, all grilled up with chunks of crispy bacon and covered in melted white cheese.

HMMMMMM   Bacon!

El Bosque Fajitas Plobanas

We also ordered their special ‘mucho caliente salsa’ like we got last time. Made with smoky chipotle peppers, it was hot and delicious.

Finishing up, we picked up some stuff at the Wal-Mart across the street before heading home for the night.

Tomorrow we’re going to head down to the Clear Lake area and then on the way back pick up some UPS packages at Brandi’s.

We might even have dinner again at Little V’s. You never can tell.

Thought for the Day:

Congratulations on making it to Monday. 
You made it through the weekend without dying by doing something stupid.
People around you must be ecstatic



11 Responses

  1. Why don’t you measure the diameter and then just buy a roll pin that will fit??

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  2. Greg,

    It might be worth posting on Escapees and the other big RV website, for which I no longer know the name. Maybe it is IRV.2

  3. What if you tried the American Coach forum, I assume they must have one. Some one else may have endured the same issue with the pin and can help you out of where and what to get?

  4. Do you  know a  reliable Canadian mail order pharmacy that will ship to the USA? Thanks:):)

  5. Have you tried Lazydays or La Mesa RV dealerships to see if they stock the pin. Lazydays in Tampa sure have sold a number of coaches like yours and must run into this problem a number of times.

  6. Do you have the old broken pin? If you do you could go to a local Machine shop that does “maintenance type work” rather than a production type shop. You can make another pin (also a spare after you determine what will work. The machinist can look at what you have tried and using that as a starting point he can machine you a new pin. I was in the maintenance equipment business for over 20 years. We ran into this problem many times. Company not in business, or they just don’t give a damn. Equally important is the material the pin is made from. I couldn’t agree with you more about Not purchasing from them again. It really ticks me off that when you need something for your MH that you can’t get the part from the mfg. Good luck. ed

  7. Isn’t that just the problem these days with business in this country…it is rare to find anyone who truly cares or is helpful at all!! Too bad…guess they do not care that they get this kind of publicity either eh?? heh…thanks for sharing, as always!!

  8. Larry,

    I’ve checked a bunch of dealers around the country, including Lazy Day, La Mesa, Camping World, Holiday, PPL, etc., all with no luck.

  9. Eddie,

    I may end up doing if I don’t have any luck anywhere else.


  10. do you have this service manual?http://support.powergearus.com/techdocs/82-S0503%20Serv_Man_Electric_Slideout_Sys.pdf
    i noticed that they list 18-1039 as two different dimensions…in the single rail slide out it is a 1/4″ coil pin. The same part no 18-1039 is listed as a 3/16 coil pin for the bedroom slide. If the 1/4″ was too big, you probably need the 3/16.
    I would think any good hardware store should be able to help you out.

  11. Jeff,

    Yes I do have that manual, but it appears to be for later units than mine.

    Mine is a two rail above the floor system with the gear motor outside the rails, not between.

    I think the 18-1039 1/4 or 3/16 is a misprint. It doesn’t make sense to have two different sizes with the same part number.

    I know that it you order the 18-1039 pin from American, you get a 1/4” pin, too big.

    I think I’ve narrowed down to an 18-1034 pin which is not even listed in this manual, but I think it’s the right one. At least the size seems right.

    Thanks for your help.


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