All Things in Moderation, especially Moderation . . .


A terrorist in Dublin, Ireland was trying to set up a car bomb, and apparently blew himself up because he forgot to allow for the recent change to Daylight Light Savings Time.

Don’t you just hate it when that happens.

I knew it!  I just knew it!

A recent scientific study now shows that high-mileage runners have shorter lifespans. In fact they have the same lifespans as people who get no exercise at all. Moderate exercisers live the longest.

Walking from the car to the restaurant, that’s‘Moderate’, right?______________________________________________________________

I was up about 9 this morning (early for me) because I wanted to equalize my 4  6V house batteries. These Interstate U2400 are 6 years old and I’d like to nurse them along for one more year, if possible. They’re doing OK, but then we don’t really boondock or use the inverter very much.

One of the things I do is run a equalization cycle on them once or twice a year. My battery charger will do it, but the batteries need to be taken off line and separated into 4 individual batteries. The equalization cycle takes about 90 minutes so I start one up and then go off and work on other things.

While that was going on, I packed away the last of the winter stuff into Vacuum Space Bags, compressed them, and stored them under the bed.

Later in the afternoon I got to meet Tom Shaughnessy, our next door neighbor. Passed on a copy of Nick Russell’s Gypsy Journal and talked about our travels for the year. Hopefully we’ll meet up down the road.

For dinner Jan and I fixed our version of Taco Salads, starting with lettuce, spinach, and spring mix (weeds). Then we mix up a box of this Texas Chili Beef Chili,

Texas Chili Beef Chili

a can of black beans, and a heaping amount of the really good homemade salsa that Gregg McHenry gave us recently. We also added the remainder of the hot salsa we got at Los Cabos Mexican Grill over in Columbus when we ate there last Sunday with Brandi, Lowell, and Landon.

Heat up the chili/bean/salsa mixture, layer it over the greens, and top with shredded cheese. A really great meal.

We try to keep boxes of this frozen chili beef on hand for quick meals. It’s really good and can be used in all sorts of meals.

Jan also made us a great dessert with starting with Rice Pudding with raisins, and then mixing in fresh sliced strawberries, sliced bananas, and peaches, and then chilling it . Quick, easy, and really, really good.

Tomorrow more chores, and then dinner tomorrow at Peters BBQ for their great Friday night buffet with Lynette and Gregg McHenry, and Jim and Peri Dean.

Really looking forward to it.


Thought for the Day:

If it’s OK for cops to carry their guns at the station house, why not soldiers on base? How come they have to call 911 and ‘shelter in place’.



6 Responses

  1. did Tom tell you he heads up the Friends of the Park Program for Stephen F Austin State Park in San Felipe? We got to know them last year while volunteering at the park. . .he and his love are great folk!

  2. Janice (and Tom)

    I’m constantly amazed how close the RV community is. It seems like every time we meet somebody new, we all know some of the same people.

    Sorry we didn’t get to spend more time with Tom & Brenda.

  3. Good meeting you Greg and thanks for the Gypsy Journal. I read it front to back and now have Nick’s blog on my feed next to your’s and Janice’s. As Janice mentioned, I am President of The Friends of Stephen F. Austin State Park in San Felipe, TX. We had a great time visiting with Janice & Dave when they were here. Them’s good folks. Matter of fact, we are at SFA SP now heading back to our stick house in Katy after spending last weekend in Fredericksburg, TX.

    See y’all on the trail!


  4. Tom,

    Good to hear from you.

    Travel safe, and we hope to see you down the road.

  5. Where do you buy that Texas Chili. I’ve looked for it in Walmart and other stores but can’t find it? Is it frozen, refrigerated, or canned? I’d like to try it. Julie

  6. We normally buy the Texas Chili at the HEB markets in Texas.

    Here’s their website.

    It’s usually only sold in Texas, but here’s a place you can order it online.

    Hope this helps.


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