Like a Real Wal-Mart, only smaller . . .

They just opened the Nick Russell Memorial Ferris Wheel in Las Vegas this week, and Jan and I can’t wait to ride it next year.

They didn’t like my name for it, so they call it the High Roller. Personally I like mine name better.

At 550 feet, it’s the highest Ferris Wheel in the world, higher than the one in London, or in Singapore.

It doesn’t have open cars (some people would say “Thank goodness), but instead it carries pods that can hold up to 40 people at a time. It takes about 30 minutes to make a full rotation and costs $25 in the daytime, and $35 at night.

Here it is under construction, so the cars (pods) haven’t been installed yet

Las Vegas HighRoller

Las Vegas HighRoller 2

Las Vegas HighRoller 3

Las Vegas HighRoller 5

Las Vegas HighRoller 4

Jan and I can’t wait.

Nick, I don’t know about.


Around noon Jan and I headed down into Columbus for lunch and a little shopping. Our first stop was the Sonic Drive-in for a couple of hot dogs. Jan always gets a Chili Cheese Dog, while I usually get the New York Dog with mustard, sauerkraut,, and onions, my favorite dog. And unlike our stop at Jack in the Box the other day, today’s visit to Sonic was as delicious as usual.

Then we made a stop at the HEB and Wal-Mart, which conveniently, are located side by side. But it was kind of a useless trip, because both of these are small stores, especially the Wal-Mart. They only stocked about half of the things we were looking for, things that we normally find at the larger stores.

After a nice, quiet afternoon, about 5pm we headed up to La Grange to have dinner at Sealand Seafood, where we’ve eaten a couple of times before. And it was just as good this time.

We both had our usual 2 fried catfish, 6 fried shrimp, and 6 fried oysters.

Sealand Seafood Platter

It’s hard to say enough about how good this place is. My family was in commercial fishing and shrimping on the Gulf Coast for years, and I like to think I know good seafood. And this place is good.

Everything is delicious, and I would swear it’s all fresh and not frozen. Even their fries, the double-battered type, are really good.

Did I say this place was good?

Coming home, we stopped off at the bigger Wal-Mart in La Grange to pick up the stuff we couldn’t find in Columbus. Oh well.


Thought for the Day:

If ignorance is bliss, some people around here must be ecstatic.



3 Responses

  1. Yeah, well I’ll stay down here on the terra firma and wait for you while you ride if it’s all the same to you.

  2. Will you at least wave?

  3. You got it Bubba!

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