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Yesterday we left the rig about 10 am, heading down to the Clear Lake area to visit our son Chris.

And leaving the park we came across a trail ride, coming in to camp after a weekend ride.

Trail Ride 1

Trail Ride 2

This is the Colorado River Trail Riders Group, and they do regular weekend trail rides out through the countryside. It looks like they have a lot of fun. Before the start of the Houston Rodeo every year, they may spend a couple of weeks on the road.

Getting into Columbus, we stopped at the Jack in the Box for a quick breakfast. But it wasn’t quick, and more importantly it wasn’t very good. Normally we really like the breakfasts there but this was an exception. It took over 10 minutes to get our Supreme Croissant breakfast sandwiches. So we figured since it was after 10:30, they were making them from scratch. If that was so, then they made them fresh and them put them in the fridge for a while, because when they finally came out, they were lukewarm at best. And that was being generous.

The only positive was that the coffee was good.

Getting into Webster, our first stop was one of our favorites, Floyd’s Cajun Seafood. But it wasn’t for us. Our son Chris had stomach surgery last week, and is still on liquid meals. And what he really wanted was some of Floyd’s famous Crab Bisque. So we picked up a large order and headed over to his house.

Then after spending an hour or so with Chris, we headed over to a client/friend’s house to repair their wireless printer setup. They had recently changed Internet providers from Comcast to Verizon and this disrupted the network that the printers worked on.

Getting this fixed, Jan and I headed over to Pearland about 6pm to meet our friend’s Bonnie and Richard for dinner at Los Cuco’s. a Mexican restaurant that we like in the area. Then, after a nice, leisurely meal, we headed over to Bonnie and Richard’s for coffee and dessert, and more conversation. So by the time we got home, it was almost midnight. A long, but nice day. But, thus, no blog.

Unlike yesterday, today was pretty much a lay-about, easy day. Jan read her Kindle and napped, and I did computer stuff.

Later in the afternoon, I noticed that the AC wasn’t working very well. Today was the first day it got hot enough to really use the AC, so I hadn’t noticed it before.

My first thought was to check the filters on both units and that turned out to be the cause. Both were pretty clogged, and in thinking, I realized I hadn’t cleaned them since last fall when we were gate guarding, so it was about time. But in my defense, we really haven’t used them much this past winter

And cleaning them with the vacuum took care of the problem. I’ll have to put them on my maintenance list to look at more often.

For dinner, I fixed our version of Skyline Chili’s Chili Five Ways, which is made with spaghetti, Skyline Chili, Beans, Shredded Cheese, and Onions.

Skyline Chili Ways

Chili Five Ways - Homemade

Actually, Jan has hers Four Ways, because she doesn’t like onions on hers. We also added Ground Habanero for a little spiciness.

Also, FWIW, if you sprinkle Oyster Crackers on top, it becomes Chili Six Ways. Never had it that way.

On the Landon front, Brandi’s boss gave Landon this puppet show. It’s up in his room and he loves it.

Landon's Puppet Show 1

Landon's Puppet Show 3

He spends a lot of time putting on his own shows.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a quiet and laidback as today. But you never know.

Thought for the Day:

My whimsical litany of satyric prose and avarice pontification of wisdom demonstrates my concinnity.



2 Responses

  1. Landon’s puppet show is really nice. Is that real wood? Good boss.

  2. George,

    I think it is, but haven’t actually seen it in person.

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