Short Sheeted and Vacuum Packed . . .

Since there was a 60% chance of rain today,  we decided to delay our wildflower tour up to the Brenham and Hempstead area, and just stay in.

Jan also decided today was a good day to change the sheets on our bed, not my favorite thing to do, but then again, she knows where I sleep. She repeated how much she likes these microfiber 1500 thread count Striped QUEEN Sateen Sheet Sets that we got a couple of months ago on Amazon. They come in about a dozen colors and are really soft. And they’ve very inexpensive and have held up well too.

A little later I packed away our winter stuff in some Space Bags and used our small vacuum to compress them.

Space Bags 1

Space Bags 2

Space Bags 3

This keeps them clean and fresh, and in a smaller package when we store them away under the bed until next winter.

Later, after checking the UPS tracking, I went down to the office to pick up an Amazon package that had come in. While I was there, I checked and found Lynette and Gregg McHenry had arrived just a little earlier, so on the way back to the rig, I stopped off to see if they were interested in dinner tonight. And lucky for us, they were.

So about 5 pm we headed up to the ‘A’ section to pick them up. I had thought about asking Roy and Vicki Hill next door to go with us, but they were already gone.

Our destination was Peters BBQ, a few miles up the Ellinger. We’ve eaten here a number of times, but tonight was really special. I had forgotten that Friday night was buffet night, more specifically, Seafood Buffet night.

Well, actually it was Everything Buffet night. So besides the great selection of sides and desserts I mentioned a few days ago, it’s All You Can Eat Fried Catfish, Fried Shrimp, Salmon Patties, Fried Frog legs, French Fries, and Hushpuppies. Plus it’s also All You Can Eat BBQ, like Brisket, Ribs, Sausage, and Chicken. Did I mention Frog legs?

And all this is $11.99, or $10.99 for us old folks. A really great deal for a really great meal.

And when we got there, we found out why Roy and Vicki Hall weren’t at home when I was going over to ask them to go to dinner with us. They were at Peters when we got there.  We could have had a Gate Guard Services gate guarding convention since we’ve all worked for them, though in different areas.

Toward the end of our meal, cellphone alarms started going off in the restaurant. It was a weather alert for bad thunderstorms moving into our area, so we packed up and headed home.

And got there just about 10 minutes before the squall line moved in bring heavy rain, a lot of wind, and about 5 minutes of pea-sized hail.

You never know about Texas weather.

Thought for the Day:

Think space is empty?

Here’s a graphical depiction of all the satellites in orbit around the earth. Makes the movie ‘Gravity’ a lot more real.

Earth Sats



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  1. I would imagine that it is interesting to share gate guarding experiences with others who have also done that job. Those weather alerts on cell phones are a great use of technology IMHO.

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