All Landon, all the time . . .

Or so we wish.

After yesterday’s thunderstorms and hail, today was just perfect, with a high of 75 and a nice breeze all day.. Mister spent most of the day outside on his leash, curled up in one of our chairs, basking in the sun, and coming in only when the guy mowing the grass came onto our site.

When Mister’s outside on his leash, we leave the screen door open so he came come in whenever he wants. He won’t go to the bathroom outside, so he comes in for that, or to eat or get a drink of water. He just comes up the steps and into the rig as far as his leash will reach, and then waits for one of us to unhook him, and then comes back to the door when he’s ready to be hooked back up again and go back out. He just runs to the door and waits for me to put his leash back on. Smart Cat.

Brandi and Lowell had talked about coming out to visit today, but we didn’t know if that was still on since Brandi’s been sick. But she felt well enough, and said they’d be out about 3:30 or so. So I headed down to the office to get them signed in as a guest.

They did show up about 3:30 and Landon had a blast, checking out the river and trees behind the coach, and was even pretty good about letting us take his picture.

Landon at Rig 1

Landon at Rig 2

Landon at Rig 3

Landon at Rig 4

Landon at Rig 5

Landon at Rig 6

Landon at Rig 7

Landon was really fascinated with Mister. He wasn’t used to being around a ‘nice’ cat. They have a cat at home named Mooshe, otherwise known as ‘The Cat From Hell’. Mooshe would just as soon scratch your eyes out as hiss at you. She only just tolerates Brandi, and hates everyone else.

So Landon at first was scared to even pet Mister, much less play with him. But after a while they were running around the rig, chasing the ball Landon was throwing. But after a while Mister got tired and just laid down and went to sleep on the floor at the front of the coach. Landon would kind of poke at him, but Mister wouldn’t move. He was done.

About 5pm we all headed back into Columbus to have dinner at Los Cabos Mexican Grill, a place we ate at a couple of weeks ago when we were here. And once again we all really enjoyed it.

Jan had a chicken breast stuffed with shrimp, tomatoes, cilantro, and onions, topped with butter wine sauce made of mushrooms, tomatoes, jalapeños and onions. Said was one of the best things she’s ever eaten.

One thing we both enjoy is their specially-made extra-spicy salsa. Not only is it very hot, but it has a really smoky chipotle taste. And this time they gave us a big enough bowl to have some to take home.

Tomorrow we’re heading down to Clear Lake to visit Chris and his family, and also make a quick client visit. Then on the way home, we’ll stop off to have dinner with a former coworker of Jan’s.


Thought for the Day:

29 percent of Americans believe that "cloud computing" involves an actual cloud. And 51% believe that bad weather could interfere with their ‘cloud computing’.



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