Fans and Hawks . . .

One of the things I got yesterday at Harbor Freight Tools was a set of drill bits with 1/4 shanks.

HFT Drill bits

This lets me use them in my regular drill, and also my WORX Power Screw Driver that I find myself using more and more. Small and still very powerful.

WORX Screwdriver

Around 11 am I put in a call to Fantastic Vent to order another motor/fan combination for our bathroom vent fan.

Fantastic Vent Fan and Motor

New Vent Fan

I really like the look of the clear plastic blades. They let a lot more light in, and supposedly, they’re made of tougher plastic than the old one. When I replaced the front one a couple of days ago, I notice the old blades were very brittle and could be easily snapped with your fingers.

The other thing I noticed was that the motor on the new one is much more powerful and moves a lot more air on HIGH.

Hopefully it will come in sometime next week.

When we arrived this past Monday, our neighbor pointed out a Red-tailed Hawk nest across the river from us. And there’s some activity going on in there. You can see a head sticking up.

Colorado River Red-Tailed Hawk Nest 1

Unfortunately it’s at the far end of my 72X lens so I doubt I’ll get much more. But I have seen one flying back to the nest.

The weather today was pretty cruddy. Solid overcast all day, with rain on and off, but it still made it up to 72°, which means it was just sticky all day. In fact after dark the humidity was so high that it kept triggering the rain sensor on our vent fans, making them open and close. So finally we just bit the bullet and turned the AC’s on.

Don’t know what’s on the agenda for tomorrow. We’ll have to see how the weather holds out.

Thought for the Day:

Borrowed from Sherry, our son-in-law’s sister.

Never mistake my silence for weakness.
No one plans a murder out loud.



3 Responses

  1. It is good to see that while Fantastic Fans has new owners that they are still making a quality product — maybe even better in some regards. But, they no longer give away replacement parts as the original company did. I always found that amazing. I like those new drill bits.

  2. Greg:
    I checked out your recommended Worx Power Screw Driver and noticed it is only 4 volts. It doesn’t appear that would provide sufficient power to turn a lot of screws, especially when most good drills that can do the same job are 18 volts. The only real advantage might be it’s light weight and/or use in tight places, but even, you will still need considerable power to provide the necessary torque to rotate many screw. Have you found lack of power to be any issue at all?

  3. Len,


    It’s not the 4 volts that governs the power. Think about how a 12 v battery can start a car or an RV.

    It’s the amperage that makes the difference, not the voltage. And Li-ion batteries have the most bang for the buck. Most of the electric cars like the high-end Tesla use Li-ion batteries.

    All I can say is that I have unscrewed/screwed 20-30 screws at one time with no noticeable loss of power. And it does have a lot of power. It will actually twist itself out of your hand if you don’t have a good grip on it.

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