Up on the Roof !

(Cue the Drifters)

Today was a work-around-the-rig day. First I touched up some caulking in the shower to patch a small leak. Then it was up on the roof.

Today was the day to replace the fan and fan motor in our front Fantastic Vent fan.

Roof Vent Repair 1

First I removed the MaxxAir Vent Cover and then the retaining bracket that controls the lid cover. That gave me access to the fan motor itself.

Roof Vent Repair 2

I was able to use my WORX Power Screw Driver for all this, and it really comes in handy. It has a revolving cylinder holding a number of different types and sizes of bits. So I don’t have to bring as many tools up on the roof.

WORX Screwdriver 2


Taking out the four screws holding the fan motor in place, and after clipping the wires, I removed the old fan unit and set it aside.

Roof Vent Repair 3


The new fan came with crimp spade connectors, so I installed one set on the cut-off ends on the fan chassis.

Roof Vent Repair 4


Note that I used real ‘crimpers’. Some people try to use pliers or diagonal cutters (back when I started in electronics, we called them ‘dykes’. I don’t think we can do that any more.), but you will never get a good connection that way.

Roof Vent Repair Crimpers


So here’s the finished install with the excess wire tied out of the way.

Roof Vent Repair 5


And here it is all buttoned up and ready to go.

Roof Vent Repair 6


When I was putting the MaxxAir cover back on, I noticed a crack in it. Some of these plastics don’t take to glue very well, so I’ll use a piece of Eternabond to seal it up.

Roof Vent Repair 8


Another plastic that is not easily patched are these RV engine coolant tanks made from polypropylene. A new tank costs from $100 to $600! , depending on your rig. A new one for my rig was $130

So I decided to try Eternabond. Wal-Mart sells these packages that are perfect for small repairs.



And it worked great. Five years later and still no leaks.

Coolant Tank Enterabond Repair

Sometime in the next few days, I’ll install the new dome lift motor on the other vent fan.

Later I met our next site neighbors, Roy and Vicky Hall, who turned out to be gate guards who worked for Gate Guard Services just like us, and we know a lot of the same people. Small world.

About 4pm Jan and I headed up to Peters’ BBQ in Ellinger for dinner. Along the way I stopped to get some photos of the Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes along the way.

Colorado River Bluebonnets 1

Colorado River Bluebonnets 2

Colorado River Bluebonnets 3

Colorado River Bluebonnets 4

Colorado River Bluebonnets 5

Colorado River Bluebonnets 9

Colorado River Bluebonnets 6

Colorado River Bluebonnets 7

Colorado River Bluebonnets 8

Hopefully all the rain we’ve had this year will mean a good year for wildflowers.

We really enjoy Peters’ BBQ and try to eat here a couple of times whenever we’re in the area.

Peter's BBQ

Peter's BBQ 1

Besides the delicious BBQ, one of the things we really liked is their ‘sides’ available on a buffet table. Everything is really good.

Peters BBQ Sides 1

Peters BBQ Sides 2

And they’ve also got really good desserts, including Banana Pudding, Jello, Chocolate Pudding, Peach Cobbler, and a soft serve ice cream machine.

Really great!

Coming back from Peters’ we came over a hill and found this herd of bison.

Colorado River Bison 1

Colorado River Bison 2

We’ve driven this road many times and have never seen them before. You never know what’s over the next hill here in Texas.

And speaking of that, coming over the hill coming back into the park, we found a herd of deer blocking our path.

The rest quickly moved off the roadway.

Colorado River Deer 1

Colorado River Deer 2

Colorado River Deer 3

Colorado River Deer 4

Tomorrow we’re heading back down to Clear Lake for some things, and of course, lunch at King Food.

Thought for the Day:

The problem with today’s schools:

The parents are afraid of the kids. The administrators are afraid of the parents. The teachers are afraid of the administrators, and the kids ain’t afraid of anybody.



4 Responses

  1. Nice photos of Blue Bonnets and especially the Indian Paint Brush flowers. Biggest mass (IPB) of them I’ve ever seen.

  2. Your bluebonnets and paintbrush pics made my day. Thank you! Am really missing seeing them.

  3. really enjoyed seeing Roy and Vicki again last week. . .nice folks!

    Your bluebonnet pics ARE really great. . .now I feel inspired to go get some better ones. ..good job!

  4. […] Everything went pretty smoothly with no real problems. I won’t rehash the install. You can read about other a couple of weeks ago here. Fantastic Vent Fan motor replacement […]

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