They sent the wrong %#@$*%^ parts . . .

We were promised heavy rain and thunderstorms, but except for a few minutes of light sprinkles, it didn’t show up. That make it a little easier to get back on my slide problem. So about noon I headed outside to give it another shot.

The first thing I did was to release the motor brake so I can move the slide manually. You just pull it down until it clicks. This brake is what keeps the slide retracted while we’re traveling.

Slide Motor Brake

This is how the slide can be moved manually.

Slide Manual Drive

After a lot of trial and error I managed to get the shear pin holes in the shaft and spur gear lined up and was then able to use a pin punch to knock out the rest of the pin.

Slide Spur Gear Shear Pin Hole

So now all I needed to do was hammer in the replacement pin, and I was all done, right?


They sent the wrong %#@$*%^ pins!

When I first looked at the pins that American Coach sent me, they did look a little big. But I figured once I got the old one out, the new one would fit. But it was definitely too big.

About this time, Janice Evans showed up with a breakfast casserole for us to have tomorrow morning before we leave to go back  the Colorado River Thousand Trails for another two weeks. Thanks, Janice.

Since we were heading out about 1:30 for Wal-Mart, I decided to check the Tractor Supply Store that’s right down the Interstate. So after dropping Jan off to get her hair cut, I drove down there to see what they had.

But unfortunately, they didn’t have exactly what I needed. I found a close one, but it’s a little small and may not be strong enough. I did check to see if they had any bolts that looked like they could work, but didn’t find anything. The pin is only 9/64” and I couldn’t find any Grade 8 or Grade 5 bolts that small.

Getting back to Jan, we picked up some stuff there, and then, just to taunt Nick, we drove across the street to have dinner at Culver’s, one of Nick’s favorite places, and of course, one of ours too.

We’ve eaten at a number of Culver’s. but never in this area. It’s always been up in the IN/IL area. Didn’t realize that they were spreading down here. But we’re glad to see them.

Jan had a Mushroom and Cheddar Butterburger, and I had a double Bacon Cheese Deluxe Butterburger. Really, really good.

Culver's Betterburger

On the way home we made a quick stop at the Lane Bryant store in the Outlet Mall. Back home I installed the new pin, but I’ll be surprised if it works.

While I was doing this, Lynette and Gregg McHenry dropped off a jar of hot sauce he’d made.. Later I tasted it  and it’s really, really good. Thanks Gregg and Lynette.

Gregg McHenry's Hot Sauce

Depending on how long it takes to get the slide in tomorrow morning, we hope to head out around 10am, but we’ll see how it goes.

Thought for the Day:

"Liberty will not long survive the total extinction of morals" – Sam Adams



14 Responses

  1. Wow…if you ever FIND the right part…maybe you need to get a couple extra…talk about incompetent these days huh??

    Glad you felt better after some good food!!! Gorgeous photos as usual!

  2. Culver’s has expended to Arizona. We ate at one in Tucson a couple of weeks ago and one in Mesa over the weekend.

  3. Getting the wrong parts is a real bummer. In this case it is now one step forward and two steps back.

  4. Elizabeth,

    Unfortunately, I ordered extra of the wrong ones. They only had two in stock so I ordered both so I would a spare.

    Lotta good that did me.


  5. good grief. . .if it ain’t one thang, it’s another. . .

    I like Culver’s Burgers too. . .although I’m not a huge fan of their fries. We just discovered how yummy they were about a month ago. . .great for a quick lunch!

  6. My husband wants to know what camera you use..He thinks you take the best pictures..Thanks

  7. Greg why not drill out the holes to accept the (wrong) pins you ordered. Then they would be the (right) pins.

  8. On the farm, we always put the closest size nail in the shear pin holes… Sometimes you had to grind them a little bit…. LOL…. Like Chris says, you might have to drill the holes out to fit…

  9. My husband said get a 9/64″ welding rod, knock off the flux. Cut the rod to size. You will then have extras.

  10. I enjoyed your blog tonight but the best part was the Thought of the Day. Excellent. Thanks.

  11. Judy,


    Almost all of the food pics are taken with my Droid Charge cellphone camera, as are a number of other ones.

    The rest are take with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 that I bought in 2009. I keep waiting for it to die so I can justify buying a new one. But it’s a real workhorse and just won’t quit.

  12. Chris,

    Well, besides not wanting to have to drill through 1.25 inches of hardened steel (LOL), shear pins are like mechanical fuses. They are specifically sized for the application.

    Too strong and they let the motor/gearbox be damaged before they finally break, or they don’t break at all.

    Too weak and they just break under normal load.

  13. Rick,


  14. Madelyn,


    I’ll have to check it out.

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