Two Nights in a Row . . .

About 10 this morning we got together for a while with Don and Darlene Couvillion before they headed back down to Alvin. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know them and look forward to catching up with them either on the road, or when we’re back in this area.

Later in the morning I worked on a few chores around the rig. Then after lunch I took a look at my slide shear pin problem.

Slide GearBox 1

The hole in the big gear is where the new shear pin goes, but the first problem is to get the other half of the pin out. Since the gear has slipped on the shaft, the hole in the gear and the hole in the shaft no longer line up. Which means that I not only can’t put the new pin in, but I can’t even knock the old one out.

I first tried jogging the slide in and out.hoping to luck on lining up the holes, but had no luck whatsoever, even after about 45 minutes of playing with it.

Next I looked to see if I could disassemble the motor and the gearbox and get to it that way. But seeing how everything was put together, it became obvious that I would have to almost completely remove the slide mechanism itself, so no go there.

Then later tonight in reading back over some of the Power Gear docs I found buried in the text the fact that the hole in the shaft for the gear lines up with the shear pin hole above it in the picture.

So I’ll give this a try tomorrow and see how it works. IF I don’t get rained out, which is a distinct possibility. We’ll see.

About 4pm Gregg and Lynette McHenry picked up us to go eat. And after deciding we all wanted Mexican, we ended up back at last night’s (for us, anyway) El Bosque. It was so good last night that we had no problem going back again.

Jan had her same Pollo a la Parrilla.

El Bosque Pollo a la Parrilla

I, on the other hand, tried the Mixed Fajitas.

El Bosque Fajitas

Both really, really good.

Gregg had the Carne Asada, and I believe Lynette had the Beef Fajitas, and we all agreed how good it was.

Finally leaving El Bosque, we made a stop at the Kroger’s Marketplace in Willis before finally getting back to the rig about 7:30 pm.

Another great day with good friends. Just another advantage to our RV life.


Thought for the Day:

“An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last.” -  Winston Churchill



3 Responses

  1. Looks like those gears could use an application of Corrosion X. I am always impressed how you are able to figure things out and make repairs. I hope that success continues with the slide mechanism.


  2. George,

    Actually that’s not rust or corrosion. That’s this red synthetic grease that I was told to put on there.

    But now it turns out they told me wrong and I’m going to have to remove it and put something lighter weight.

    It’s always something.

  3. Mercy…all that yum food…I am going to gain weight just looking at the photos!! Sure fun looking however!!

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