An Asian Two’fer . . .

Well, the bin situation is finally coming together. I rearranged my categories, combining some and expanding others and also ended up using a combination of the 64 Qt. bins and the file boxes to fill in some odd spaces in the bays. I’ve still got a couple of bins left over filled with miscellaneous stuff that doesn’t really fit into any of my categories. So I’ll have to come up with something else.

While I was outside working, Don Couvillion came over and we set up plans for getting together Thursday night, before they leave on Friday. We’re looking forward to it.

About 4 I headed out on a few errands, dropping off garbage, and then down the road to the convenience store to pick up Powerball & MegaMillions tickets for tonight and tomorrow night. Then coming back, I stopped off at a rock pile behind the Activity Center. I had brought a couple of empty kitty litter buckets with me, along with my entrenching tool. I wanted to get a couple of buckets of rocks and dirt to help fill in the water-filled ruts at the front of the rig. If we get much more rain before we leave here on Monday, I might have some problems getting out of this site. I figure it will take 8 or 10 bucket loads to fill it all in.

For dinner Jan fixed us a salad and then heated up the left-over pizza from our  Grimaldi’s Pizzeria visit yesterday afternoon. When you reheat it in the convection oven, it’s just about as good as it was originally. And I’ve found a new favorite salad dressing – Hidden Valley Bacon Ranch. I had a Bacon Ranch dressing when we ate at Applebee’s last week, so I decided to pick some up for home. Really good.

Tomorrow Jan and I are heading down to the Clear Lake area for a doctor’s appointment. We’ll go down a little early so we can have lunch at King Food one more time before we leave the area. I’m also going to drop off some more stuff at our storeroom, and pick up our prescriptions from Sam’s Club.

Then we’ll come home by  way of our daughter Brandi’s in Katy to pick up our mail and packages. We’ve got some stuff from Amazon, as well as our new Fantastic Vent fan motor that should be here. And hopefully the replacement shear pins for the slide will be there too.  And we also want another chance to eat dinner at Little V’s Vietnam Restaurant  near their house. So our day will be an Asian Two’fer.

Thought for the Day:

i hate being bi-polar. IT’S AWESOME!



4 Responses

  1. a day full of driving and eating. . .hmmm?

  2. Well, YUM!! I like how you schedule eating!!

  3. Janice,

    Yes, what’s your point? LOL

  4. Elizabeth,

    Of course. The important things should always come first.

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